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Joshi Kousei 0 (Bonus Episode)
Friday, March 31, 2006
"Episode 0" of High School Girls is pretty much the first chapter of the manga released as a nine minute short and shows our three heroines Ayano, Yuma and the lead Eriko decide to sneak into their High School the term before to check the place out! Eriko finds it to be not entirely what she is expecting...

Jokes and fanservice are the name of the game here, the girls dress in their school uniforms at which point Yuma decides Eriko's skirt would look cuter if it were shorter so she decides to cut the bottom with scissors. Needless to say that Eriko isn't too happy and takes her anger out on both of her friends skirts using the scissors.

The true horror of all girls schools is revealed as they find that with no guys around to impress the students aren't the most tidy of people. Discovering tampons and shaved pubic hair laying around the locker room traumatizes Eriko who has a nice image of a clean beautiful girly school in her mind.

I was mildly annoyed at this point as the first yuri themed joke of the manga was cut entirely in favour of introducing three other important characters. Kouda, Himeji and Ogawa are looking around the school themselves for when they become high school students. The traumatized Eriko fleeing the premises happens to trip at the top of the stairs and land crotch first in Kouda's face. Of course Kouda assumes that Eriko is her "sempai" (when they are really the same age) , and claims she doesn't mind. Eriko plays along with this pretending she is indeed a High School Student. Come the proper first day of school, its a little hard for Eriko to keep up the charade..

This episode really just sets up the cast and introduces everyone, showing each characters personalities. Fans of the manga will have seen this mostly all before but with just a few differences. Am I impressed? Well it's ok, the music is awful, really really awful. The voice acting wasn't that great (although Mamiko Noto works well as the shy Ayano). Content wise there isn't much here that I found "lol" funny, but as it's not the proper first episode that can be forgiven for now! Looking forward to the series beginning properly.

posted by Mangaminx On Friday, March 31, 2006  
  • On Friday, 31 March, 2006, Anonymous Zyl said…

    It's a bit more OTT and fanservicey than I expected but looks promising. I particularly like Yuma. What was the yuri joke supposed to be? The crotch landing scene seemed pretty suggestive to me. (;^_^)

  • On Friday, 31 March, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    In the manga while the girls are investigating the lockeroom (it happens to be the swimteams lockeroom). The swim team show them up, and scare them by telling them that girls schools lead to everyone becoming lesbians. They lean forward suggestively and send the three of them running from the school.

    The bit with Kouda/Himeji/Ogawa is absent from the manga.

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