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Jigoku Shoujo 12
Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo | Episode 12 | The Spilled Shards

I guess there really are some crazy people out there, Yoshiki is one such person who becomes the first Jigoku Shoujo human cast member to willingly go to Enma's Happy Hell Playground.

Akane isn't going to school, and her teacher Yoshiki is getting flack from the headmaster of the school as despite his best efforts to get her to return she isn't doing so. She sits in her room all day and her non-attendance gives the school a bad reputation. All Akane feels like she has is a person she confides in via e-mail, both of them using pseudonyms. Of course, this person on the end of the e-mail happens to be Yoshiki who despite presenting a fairly dynamic outlook on life and the world around him is fed up of the way things are going. I'm not entirely sure whether Yoshiki realizes he is talking to Akane, but Akane certainly doesn't realize she is talking to Yoshiki and..., after his umpteenth visit to persuade her to go to school inputs him in the Jigoku Shoujo website.

After hearing the terms of a "deal" with Enma however, Akane isn't so sure. She keeps the doll hidden in her room while she decides what to do. However she finally has a full change of heart after Yoshiki convinces her to return to school. She suddenly feels better at his words, and upon noticing his phone records realizes that Yoshiki is her online companion. Yoshiki talks openly for what seems the first time in his life and tells Akane that he is fed up with life and the way things are going. After much angsting and scenes where her eyes look like they are to drop out her face Akane decides to grant his wish and Yoshiki is off to Hell. It is there that Enma gives one of her increasingly frequent lectures to Yoshiki, about the foolishness of what he has done and the like. It's evident Enma is really bothered by what Yoshiki wanted and we actually see (or rather hear) her grandmother reconciling her at the end of the episode as she is obviously brooding on it.

Hajime and Tsugumi briefly put in appearances here too of course. Hajime investigating the website and wondering where Yoshiki has gone after he is taken to hell and Tsugumi doing her usual "Zomg I can see through Enma's eyes" trick.

Another interesting concept and clearly showing how minds can change on revenge in an instant. The concept of going to hell to see what its like is of course highlighting Yoshiki's foolishness and general curiosity. Despite the interesting concepts I didn't actually find this episode very entertaining, perhaps it was to serious and slow moving but it felt lacking a little to some earlier efforts. The best part was certainly seeing the more and more obvious changes in Enma's state of mind. What she does is clearly bothering her to the point of causing anger.

Next Episode
A story about Enma written in the past? Hajime is on the case, come to think of it he's a bit like Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

posted by Mangaminx On Wednesday, March 08, 2006  
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