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Yami To Boushi To Hon No Tabibito
Monday, February 13, 2006

Yami To Boushi To Hon No Tabibito

While I realize this show is old, I've only just watched it (or rather sat looking at but only having parts of what was happening actually register) and it's possibly one of the most confusing, but fairly good anime I have seen. Yami Bou (what I will be calling it from now on as there is NO way I'm typing out it's full title every time I want to say it) is based on a hentai game made in 2002, although the anime itself isn't porn. One thing it is though is gay, extremely gay, did I enjoy it? Read on to find out! (and excuse me if I'm wrong on my interpretation of the story, I was pretty clueless here!)

Lets meet Hazuki, Hazuki (or Hatsuki, whichever you prefer) is your everyday high school student, except she happens to be in love with her sister Hatsumi. Not just "wow she is so cool", but more "I'd like to sleep with my sister if I could". Hazuki is totally obsessed here, her mind really only has her sister on it and this is pretty true for the entire of course of the anime. One night you see (while Hazuki has crept into her sisters room to stare at her) Hatsumi magically disappears in a green flash of light. Hazuki while shocked takes this all in her stride however, and this is only the start of the weirdness...

Hazuki finds herself in the company of Ririsu, a girl with a magic hat and a talking chick like thing named Ken-chan. The two of them have the power to travel from world to world (the worlds being contained in books). They agree to help Hazuki find Hatsumi who is lost in the books, Ririsu seems to agree partly as she apparently knows another Hatsumi from her world called "Eve" and partly as she quickly falls head over heels for Hazuki herself. Like any normal healthy girl though, Hazuki only has eyes for her sister *coughs*.

The two travel from book to book, world to world meeting a variety of cast members some of whom get pretty attached to Hazuki themselves (she seems to be a magnet for female characters around her age) on their search for Hatsumi/Eve. A male lead is also introduced into the story, a bishy named Garu who seems to also know Hatsumi from his lifetime but under yet another different name. Garu wishes to takes her as his wife and at the same time use her apparent special powers to make him immortal, Hazuki has competition!

While this may sound pretty clear typed out (or not as the case may be) I really am not sure on some of the points. As the plot seemed to go off on its own at such random tangents, this mostly comes from me piecing together. Usually this would bug me loads while watching an anime, but it didn't seem quite so much of a chore in Yami Bou.

Moving onto the cast, this was very much the strong point for me (well Hazuki at least). Hazuki is cool, she has a sword, and does lots of fancy fighting, isn't afraid to leap into danger for other cast members and kicks serious ass. Voiced by Mamiko Noto (who's rapidly becoming one of my favourite seiyuu) Hazuki is a character a bit distant from her usual (although not always) soft spoken palette. Hazuki is pretty aggressive at times and reserved other time (apart from when it comes to her sister anyway) and has an almost masculine sound to her voice at times. It's good to hear Mamiko Noto playing a character that doesn't fit her usual stereotypes. As for other characters, they are interesting enough to the fairly amusing advances Ririsu makes on Hazuki to the hilariously camp prancings Garu makes (if he wasn't looking for Hatsumi all the time I'd swear he was gay).

Seeing as this is based on an adult game the anime is pretty ecchi in itself too. Chocked full of lesbian innuendo fanservice and outfits that vary from "stupid" to "really fucking stupid" on the ecchi scale for some of the cast it's pretty difficult to take some of the more serious scenes seriously. My usual reaction to ecchiness tends to be "lol, oh god no" and this is no exception.

My favourite bits of Yami Bou though are the swordfights, and the endings. I previously mentioned that Hazuki has a sword, and she puts it to good use usually in spectacular fashion. For some really adrenaline pumping fights at times this anime really does it well. The other truly great part about the series is the ending too. I'd been endlessly told it was tragic before seeing the anime, and while the episode before it I didn't think things went badly considering what could have happened. I was expecting a psycho Hazuki unable to let go of her obession carving up her sister, but instead the ending was a little tearful, very satisfying and ultimately clever too. And there was a kiss between them which is a must for a yuri story, yay!

So we have a confusing story with a good ending, great swordfights a lead I like and an "ok" support cast.
As for faults in the story, I thought some episodes were dull and pointless (I mean I really didn't care about Garu and his backstory and at the end of the day they weren't important anyway), and this was the case for at least a quarter of the thirteen episodes. Also the ecchi factor was a bit OTT (but we aren't talking Ikki Tousen levels here). What score shall I give it? Well, I liked Yami Bou. I admittedly felt guilty of doing so at times considering the fanservice levels but overall it was a short but fun blast through video game worlds. Of course all the yuri certainly helped me enjoy it more too ;) .


posted by Mangaminx On Monday, February 13, 2006  
  • On Thursday, 08 June, 2006, Anonymous Leona said…

    Uh, you do know that Hatsumi/Eve is in no way her sister but the goddess Eve. Eve's real sister is Ririsu/Lilith. Eve enjoyed travelling the worlds and appeared in Hatsuki's world as her adopted sister.

  • On Saturday, 24 June, 2006, Anonymous Mew said…

    Yay! I finally found something about this anime! The story line is a bit confusing, but all in all, I think it's good. I can't wait to see the ending, everyone says it's great. ^_^

  • On Sunday, 24 December, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Took me a LOOOONG time to get that Hazuki is the one that looks like Chikane, and not Hatsumi...oops

    Hi hi; the screen cap at the top looks frighteningly similar to the picture of Chikane and Himeko on the Banner!

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