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Tenjho Tenge DVD #5
Saturday, February 18, 2006

DVD Title - Tenjho Tenge #5 : Round Five
Company - Geneon
Age Rating - 16+
Genre - Fighting, Supernatural
Running Time - 75mins
Episodes - 14) Hellfire, 15) Yin and Yang, 16) Conclusion
Audio Options - English/Japanese
Extras - Geneon Previews
Bonus Items - Pencilboard (Not sure if with every copy of the disc)
DVD Region - 1

DVD Contents

Episode 14 - Hellfire
Bunshichi has a surprise for his former leader Shin as the battle rages between them.

- I'm rather grateful I'm not actually going to have to write much for this review in general (as I'm tired) as while this volume of Tenjho Tenge isn't exactly bad very little actually happens!
- Bunshichi lays critically injured at the hands of Shin's sadistic katana attack, however he has stopped that Shin draws power from the katana itself and as soon as Mana takes it from him he is back on the attack. Quite how Bunshichi manages to keep upright here with huge holes in his legs is beyond me and he beats Shin before collapsing, taking out one of Shin's eyes in the process. How nice.
- Lots of bizarre flashbacks here with Shin and Maya as kids watching moths kill themselves in a fire. Shin keeps repeating Maya is his flame and he is the moth rather endlessly and creepily, and does so even when we return to them as adults with Maya by his bedside in hospital.
- Mitsuomi sees a snake around his hands and wets himself, but the snake actually isn't there you see. It's all in his mind and the snake is presumably the "darkness" that inhabits presumably both Shin and Maya.

Episode 15 - Yin and Yang
Katana folds, Shin recovers some shreds of sanity and Mana angsts at Maya. Oh there's some fighting too.
- "KATANA" has folded, presumably as the leader is a total psycho and his sister was picking off members through her own scary agenda not really surprising the groups over is it?
- Mitsuomi sees more snakes after Maya talks about the darkness within her then hits him across the school for the hell of it. Of course he doesn't mind she was only teaching him a lesson as she fought a battle for him, that's all.
- Shin is out of hospital and organizes a "KATANA" farewell party, only Mitsuomi appears to becoming (i.e the guy he didn't attack with a huge sword).
- Mana lectures Maya that she is the one who causes Shin's troubles as of her actions causing him to obsess over her more. She seems to deftly bat the conversation away though, denial perhaps?
- Shin and Mitsuomi drive around on bikes to the "KATANA" farewell meeting point. They generally try to look as badass as possible, but to me they appear to both just be acting like total assholes here. "Zomg we drove our bikes under the lorry", shame it didn't hit either of you frankly!

Episode 16 - Conclusion
Back to present day where Nagi, Bob, Masataka, Chiaki and Aya probably have numb backsides after Maya has finished telling part 1 of her flashback story. But tomorrow is another day at Todo so they best get some rest.

- After garnering the reputation that they beat 200 people when only 5 of them were present the Juken Club have to deal with various tough guys (read morons) attempting to take them on at the school.
- Nagi and Bob were actually genuinely funny here running around the school trying to defeat a guy chasing them with a sword, especially Bobs suggestion that Nagi use one of powerful Qi moves then running away instead of helping him. In the end they are victorious though.
- Maya is *shock* expelled from the school for causing violence or something, she doesn't seem too phased by it all and spends the entire episode in Chibi form.
- Bob and Nagi decide to go and fight the student council again, and run into Bunshichi although the fight will have to wait till next episode.
- Finally Aya like the rather brainless girl she is takes the cursed katana that the now deceased Shin used to murder people with. To say Maya is upset when she finds the katana is missing is an understatement. What does Maya intend to do with it? Will she become as insane as her brother? Find out next time on the happy shiney sixth installment of Tenten.

Weaker than the previous volumes but overall not bad, most of this short as ever disc is taken up with angst that isn't quite angsty enough and two fairly good over the top fights. The comic spin on events in the final episode is rather refreshing after the brooding darker tones of the "past" section, but I look forward to going back to the past again still. Maya still remains my favorite character here, just because she's far more interesting than everyone else combined. Anyway for scores Tenjho Tenge DVD #5 gets..

Contents: 6.5
Animation: 6 (to many stills)
Audio: 7
Extras: 0
Packaging: 7

posted by Mangaminx On Saturday, February 18, 2006  
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