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Mai Otome 20
Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mai Otome | Episode 20 | Don't Call Me Nina!

Ah kids, they grow up so fast these days don't they? One moment their being raised as trained killers by a group of shady individuals creating child assassins and being saved by Sergey, and the next they are wearing shady black looking robes, falling obsessively in love with their stepfather and not wanting to be thought of a child anymore. What's that? That isn't normal? Well for everyone's favourite emo-girl Nina it is! Otome Episode 20 is a tale of self realization and working together as a team and yes in case you wondered why I hadn't mentioned it yet it's also the episode for ShizuruXTomoe time!

Poor Natsuki isn't really having much luck of late, being burdened with one of the most care-free individuals in the entire Otome cast and now being laughed at by Haruka (and secrelty Yukino). It's almost to much for the headmistress pride to bare. Oh well, despite the fact Ealis can't help jut yet at least you have Shizuru, but I'd keep an eye on that Tomoe if I were you, she seems a bit ... y'know obsessed with her.

It's almost like being in Star Wars in the Mai Otome desert as Arika and Mashiro have found themselves falling into the belly of a giant desert creature. However, instead of using Arika's Otome powers to get out they angst over Aoi and Erstin dying and life in general. Yes we know your both pretty useless at this moment in time, but fret not by the end of the series you'll have saved the world with probably a bit of help from Mai on the way! Anyway, it takes a shot of hot volcanic digestive systems to give Arika a kick up the backside and have her transform to save them both. But they plough out the creature safely into the desert.

Upon arriving back at Aswald's base, Arika and Mashiro find it on fire and the population looking a bit worse for wear. This is probably down to the fact standing amidst the carnage is Fia the Otome of Carlteya who's master has cunningly distracted Midori and the cyborgs so she can swoop in and steal their technology. Arika is of course more than a little annoyed at this but Fia escapes (after attacking Arika briefly) just as Midori and the cyborgs return. It's all about teamwork here and Mashiro seeing what a real leader should be like by watching Midori. Everyone helps and pulls their weight to save the Aswald base. Arika angsts a bit more about how she now hates Otome, but wants to use her powers for good. It seems a little pointless really as we all know she's going to be using them a lot more anyway.

Back at the school, the positions for applicants to try out Smith's new Meistar earrings are gathering for their place to be part of this. After all they get anything they want and in Tomoe's case that's a private room for her beloved Shizuru-Oneesama. As the entire internet probably knows by now, she also gets another wish of hers as, after lieing to Shizuru that Natsuki is imprisoned, Tomoe kisses her and they lay back on the bed. Just to make doubly sure that you know what's going on (in case you thought Tomoe just fell forward or something) Sunrise have the added sound effect of clothes being removed as their hands entwine.

I'm not entirely sure why Shizuru seemingly gives into Tomoe seducing her here (I assume she has something planned) , because I had a dramatic rejection pegged to take place somewhere in the series resulting in Tomoe going totally psycho and attempting to harm Shizuru (or maybe Natsuki). But hey, this works to and I'll be interested to see where it goes. Despite how obsessive and borderline psychotic Tomoe is I like her, she certainly works well as a good female villain and is far more interesting than Smith or Nagi.

Wrapping up the episode, we see Chie applying to be an Artai Meistar aswell (*sobs* I'm so sure she's going to die soon, its always the same with my favourite characters), and finally we cut to the organ room under the castle. Nagi convinces Nina that it's her fathers dream to access the organ (always a cunning tactics to use against someone with a father complex of course), and as Nina approaches it, it opens to reveal..... . Shadowy almost Mikoto lookalike person thing!

Well I was always going to like this episode, as afterall it has the ShizuruxTomoe story going somewhere finally (with only six episodes to go though!), but the rest of it is good too. Arika and Mashiro have matured massively in their time with Midori and are actually becoming good candidates to be heroines rather than being just slightly irritating. My main concern is Sunrise fitting everything into these final six episodes without it being all too squashed up, but I suppose time will tell whether they will suceed or fail in that!

Next episode: A human form for Mikoto? Nina gets angry with a shadow, Shizuru's room has a rocking horse in it and Mashiro and Midori become friends!
Well probably, anyway.

posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, February 26, 2006  
  • On Monday, 27 February, 2006, Anonymous Crayotic said…

    All I have to say about this, is where are the parents? That's why your empire has had martial law locked down on it's ass... no one's disciplining these darn kids

    Whereas I may have gone with the "Oh hey Nina, remember when you went all Darth Vader, sold out your friends, and killed Erstin?" tact, Sergey instead chooses to give her a pat on the shoulder and say: "My, how you've grown." Not only that, but we're even treated to a heart-warming flashback of the two's meeting. When Harry Met Sally 2: Otome Harder.

    I'm pretty sure a good ol' fashioned clip round the ear would have dealt to Tomoe's obbsessive stalking early on as well. We can only hope that Shiruzu gives her a bit of what for after she uses this chance to escape out the window after seducing her, Bond styles.

    And where's Chie's glasses? No glasses makes me cry =(

  • On Monday, 27 February, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    What gets me with Nina, is that Sergey seems completely unaware what a psycho his daughter is. It's almost like "Ah, so what she went a bit nuts, killed a freind of hers. But these young girls today, they all have a wild side. Ha Ha!" I totally agree with you that his reaction should have been stronger, instead he's probably made her more unstable as she did that glazed twitching eye thing she does when annoyed afterwards.

    As for Tomoe, yes a "clip round the ear" at the start of the show would have worked wonders. She started off so petty "lets steal a uniform lol!" and immature and because everyone who did notice does nothing about it, her obsession has just totally gone out of control. It's fairly evident that all things Tomoe and Shizuru related are going to end in tears, and possibly even a character death, and I blame the teachers for not being watchful at the start of the anime!

    Finally Chie does indeed need glasses, although I feel shes for the chop soon (until of course the organ presumably re-sets everything ;) )

  • On Monday, 27 February, 2006, Anonymous Crayotic said…

    Yes, it's quite likely that not only will there be a Tomoe/Shizuru related death (oh, how the wind changes dear Shizuru) and possibly Chie falling to her demise under the laws of Supporting Cast Cannon Fodder Act, but if I was a betting man I would also go with 90% of the cast being written out, until it's just Nina and Arika dueling it out in Shinji's subconscious..

    Oh, with the magical organ on stand-by :)

  • On Monday, 27 February, 2006, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    I think a great many character deaths towards the end is on the cards for sure. Although itl'll do a Hime and resurrect a fair few at least I mean what else are magical organs for?

    I'm not entirely sure myself as to where Arika and Nina are headed. Obviously there is going to be a confrontation between them and probably some angst related to Sergey just sure what will actually happen to Nina herself during this. Maybe she will die too ! Cant say id shed a tear if this occoured ;)

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