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Madlax DVD #6
Saturday, February 11, 2006
Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead!

DVD Title - Madlax #6 : Sacrifice
Company - ADV Films
Age Rating - 14+
Genre - Thriller
Running Time - 75 mins
Episodes - 21) Cruel Confession, 22) Violent Feelings, 23) Lost Hearts
Audio Options - English/Japanese
Extras - (Note: In their wonderful all seeing knowledge one of the extra titles on this disc tells you of a character death contained in here, I shall leave it off the extras in case someone's just browsing these. Its a memorial video to the deceased character.) Production Insert, Clean OP, Clean Close, Design Sketches, "Shards Of My Eyes" Music Video (normal and karaoke versions), Episode 22 extended preview, Japanese TV spots, Conversations with SSS.
DVD Region - 1

DVD Contents

Episode 21 - Cruel Confession
Carrossea and Margaret go through the door to peer into the truth about their pasts, unfortunately things don't go entirely to plan...

- Well, Margaret and Carrossea use the stupidly named books to open the door to the truth. Always seems a bit of a silly thing to do that play with magic books. Don't say I didn't warn them!
- The two of them walk about in swirly land with orange blob light things everywhere, who knew the truth would cause an epileptic fit?
- Despite Margaret hearing a mysterious voice warning her not to open a big door in swirly light land (the voice seems to come from the sleeping Madlax back in reality reinforcing their bond), Carrossea ignores her and opens it anyway! Margaret promplty falls back to reality (or at least as close as to reality the space cadet can get.)
- Its revelation time, we see a flashback to where a supposedly young Carrossea who resembles the weird boy from the "other place" we have glimpsed before (doesn't really look like Carrossea to me so maybe we will have a revelation is isn't next disc)
- In the flashback Carrossea is in a plane with Margaret, which crashlands in a huge Friday Monday shaped storm. We can assume the books caused the incident and this is the first time Friday triggered them.
- The books triggered the war *gasp* who hadn't guessed that already? And Margaret (whos mother dies in the crash) and Carrossea run around in a warzone. But suddenly Margaret spots someone... Its her Dad.
- Margaret's Dad is in the distance with a gun aimed at a younger Friday, he shoots Friday in the side of the face, explaining why Friday wears a mask (but not why he didn't die *boggle*). Friday mentions that the codename of Margaret's Dad is .... Madlax.
- Margaret runs to her father, but as she does a gunshot echoes around her, and we see Carrossea fall, dying... as the young Carrossea dies, so does the present day one..
- So! Carrossea is death number one here! Yay! I mean did anyone really care what happened to him? As to why he died, I'm not entirely sure myself and the explanations given weren't particularly clear (Bee Train do like to be cryptic), but who cares he's dead. On with the plot!
- Friday runs up to where Margaret is lying unconscious in reality (how did he get there), and grabs the books. Ah the evilest of them all has the power again!
- Finally we get a repeat of the previous flashback when we see, moments after Margaret ran to her father in the warzone, a young Madlax shoots him in the back. Its Noir all over again (well kinda).

Episode 22 - Violent Feelings
Margaret loses it, and actually becomes an interesting character as a result (who'd have thought), but there are various dangers lurking in the jungle for Madlax, Vanessa and Elenore.
- Friday has Margaret and the books in his weird temple type base thing, but finds a page is missing from the second book! Friday goes out looking for the missing page, and lets Margaret who is in a bizarre daze wander through the jungle too (I may have missed something here and she could have wandered off on her own accord, but its fairly unimportant anyway).
- Madlax, Vanessa and Elenore head out into the jungle with Nahal sitting in treetops being useless as usual and providing her usual cryptic self-musings.
- Madlax as usual is on top form after realizing last episode that she had a purpose (presumably to protect Margaret), and blasts her way through the obligatory civil-war goons.
- Madlax also takes on Limelda (for approximately the 100,000,000th time) telling Vanessa and Elenore to go on ahead as she does. Limelda is on her usual psycho (and possibly lesbian form), rambling on obsessively about Madlax as they fight. Madlax ultimately out bests her again and runs off into the jungle leaving Limelda to follow her as usual.
- While all this has been going on we see Margaret (who's eyes have gone all funny, a sure fire sign of going insane you know?) kill a soldier who tries to stop her wandering. We don't know how she kills him as we don't see, but the scream and the fact Elenore finds the body later are a big enough hint. Margaret seems to be angry as she has realized Madlax killed her father.
- Cut to Vanessa! Who has bumped into Friday. Friday goes into mad ravings and explains his plan is to unlock all humans pure urges to kill and cause something like a worldwide war using the books. He wants to free humans from morality. He starts using some magic on Vanessa so she can "see the truth" but is interrupted by Madlax arriving! Yay Madlax!
- Unfortunately it's not yay, as Limelda pops up behind Madlax, fires at her and hits Vanessa (who gets in the way) instead. Limelda falls from her vantage point and out of the episode for now, Vanessa sadly falls out of life and my favourite character is dead *sobs*!
- Margaret wanders to the scene (Friday seems to have stepped aside), see's Vanessa's corpse then see's Madlax and promplty shoots Madlax with a gun shouting that she killed both her father and Vanessa too. Is Madlax dead..?

Episode 23 - Lost Hearts
Vanessa is dead, but Madlax magically isn't. Elenore, Madlax and Nahal team up to advance on Friday's base and rescue Margaret.

- Madlax isn't dead of course! Its magic she's like invincible or something. Nahal excepts it all in her stride as she jumps down beside Madlax and tells her she will help her now.
- Elenore is crying over Vanessa's corpse, Madlax finds her and Elenore insists on coming with Madlax to Enfant's base.
- Cue lots and lots of fight scenes, including Elenore blasting soldiers with a boat machine gun as the trio advance forward through the jungle.
- Back with Friday and Margaret, Margaret seems to be living in a fluffy dream world, where Friday is her father and she exists only to kill Madlax for him. Awww, how sweet (and very Noir if you ask me, Altena and Kirika alikes for sure).
- Madlax and Elenore bond as they blast their way through guards and both manage to survive the episode.
- Limelda is still on Madlax's trail of course, killing her own countrymen who get in her way.

And that is it for disc 6! Only a month till 7 so expect a review then of the concluding three episodes!

A good volume towards the end but a bit disjointed and unexplained at the start. The combat is slick as ever and the revelations about what the hell has been going on so far are well told and fairly clear. I got the feeling that this series could have finished by now (at 24 episodes) as things are dragging a bit and we get a lot of unnecessary scenes. But anyway, Madlax still maintains to be a good series in this sixth volume, it's just losing its steam a little.

Contents 7
Animation 8
Audio 9
Extras 6 (for having a spoiler on the DVD case)
Packaging 6

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