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Lemon Angel Project 04
Sunday, February 26, 2006
Lemon Angel Project | Episode 04 | Smile Means Love

Ah its like the X-factor all over again, except with even less talent. Tomo, Saya and Erica now all the bestest of friends continue to train to be star idols. Suwa goes around looking as "miserable but cool" as usual (obligatory screencaps of this included of course), and we find out Erica's brother is in a boy band.


The training to be in "Lemon Angel" gets tougher this week as the girls have to dance and sing their way through things in the hopes of being in the final band. Of course now Saya is friends with Tomo and Erica, there won't be any rivalry will there? Of course there will, meet super bitch Haruka (who we already know from the opening sequence won't be in the band anyway) who is determined to shatter Erica's dream with put downs about her race. Yep, this episode of LAP is a morality lesson on the serious issue of racism. Erica (who is half Brazilian and half Japanese), is subjected to lots of insults about being a foreigner, (mainly from Haruka) and is obviously pretty depressed about it all, not her usual up-beat self.

Ahah, but all this changes when people discover her older brother is a star idol and the object of many girls affections throughout Japan! The girls (including Haruka) want to meet him! Is this a way for Erica to make friends? What I found mildly amusing here,was Suwa obviously wanting to meet Erica's brother but being far to into her "tough girl" image to actually ask. She instantly reminded me of Nanaho from Gokujou Seitokai just minus the cuddly toy obsession (as far as we know *gasp*), and it spoiled her image a little for me.

Anyway Erica invites them all to her house to meet her brother, but he is delayed at the studio. Haruka was banking on this and uses the whole opportunity to lay into Erica about how useless she is etc.. In the hopes of putting her off being in Lemon Angel. Oh noes! Erica runs out dramatically into the starting rain, what will her friends do? Well, after Saya gives a rather aggressive lecture to Haruka telling her that her friend won't be deterred so easily (which multiplied her greatness rating by about 1000% for me here), Tomo and Saya chase after Erica. After some aimless running about they eventually find her, tell her she has found a place with them and she has to compete to be in Lemon Angel so they can be friends forever! And the morale of the story is, if your a member of an anime cast in a light anime like LAP, everything will be ok in the end!

While this episode has the positive message of overcoming racial discrimination (Erica finds her place of acceptance with her friends, after thinking that everyone would always treat her differently), which is obviously a good thing on the entertainment front itself things were a bit lackluster. It wasn't a bad episode pursay just extremely average and the show almost feels a bit to lighthearted to paint the issues its dealing with in a serious enough manner. But I shall keep watching, as at its core LAP is still something that's entertaining with a decent enough cast that keep you wanting to watch more. As long as my ears don't bleed from listening to Tomo singing again I shall be a-ok.

posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, February 26, 2006  
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