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Lemon Angel Project 03
Sunday, February 12, 2006

Lemon Angel Project | Episode 03 | I Will

Remember kids, taking the law into your own hands is never a good idea. Unless you happen to be working for a talent agency of course.

The auditions for those to be in Lemon Angel are continuing, with a swimwear photoshoot. Tomo has no clue how to pose however (or rather she has no clue about anything other than talking to her dead friend in monologue form) and makes an idiot out of herself in front of the judges and her peers. Then Saya gets in front of the cameras and upstages her.. , although that's the last of Tomo's problems for this episode as it's Saya who ends up in hot water. Mid-way through the shoot Saya's evil talent former boss shows up and announces that Saya still has a contract with him (and produces it) so she can't be in Lemon Angel! Oh the scandal.

It appears that Saya's boss despite firing her last episode, has had a change of heart and want's her back on his agency to use her to make money for him. Seeing as the contract hasn't been officially terminated there is nothing that Saya can do! Well, there's nothing rational that Saya can do but after hearing Tomo jokingly suggest they should steal the contract from the building it's in she decides to do just that. Tomo and the ever enthusiatic Erica are dragged along to help her of course. Soon the trio are ready to infiltrate the talent agency! Erica takes the whole thing in her stride, dressing as a "Japanese Ninja" in order to complete the effect, Tomo on the other hand is her usual nervous self. "Yuu-Sempai I'm going to commit a crime" , JUST SHUT UP!

Upon infiltrating the talent agency (i.e. walking right through the front door and past the security guard, who doesn't bat an eyelid that one of the girls is dressed as a ninja) the trio look for the contract. Soon they enlist the help of the secretary (who hates her boss as much as Saya does) who tells them it's in a safe and leads them to it, she also opens it for them (obviously not worried about her career prospects here). But... Shock! Horror! The safe is empty! Not only that but they have been caught red handed by the boss who turns up with the contract in his hand and a musclebound goon. Of course Saya isn't put off by this she knows the weak point of her boss.... , and promplty knees him in it. With the contract in Saya's hands and then ripped to shreds, and with Erica's ninja rope disabling the goon the boss threatens to call the police. He hadn't reckoned on his secretary knowing about an affair he had been having though, so its the use of blackmail that gets the girls off scot free. Hooray a happy ending, and Tomo and Saya are now kinda friends!

Silly, pointless and a distinct lack of Suwa (although I did fit in a screenshot, yay!) but still a fun episode. I laughed at the show for the first time and while nothing really happened this is a good fun bit of filler that while not excellent is entertaining enough to watch.

posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, February 12, 2006  
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