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Lemon Angel Project 02
Thursday, February 02, 2006

Lemon Angel Project | Episode 02 | Evolution

I was pretty harsh on the first installment of Lemon Angel Project, based largely on the fact it's lead "Tomo" was so irritating that it marred the rest of the episode significantly. The creators certainly laboured under the delusion that "ditzy Tomo = endearing" when a more reliable equation is "ditzy Tomo = deserves to be garrotted with barbed wire". However, I wasn't pleasantly surprised that after some initial jitters our heroine managed to not quite be so irritating in this episode, to the extent it was actually pretty good. Tomo isn't a perfect lead by any means, but I began to find myself empathising her... I think. It could of course just be the fact that Suwa is so amazingly amazing that I didn't really actually care what happened with the rest of the anime of course, but either way I enjoyed it.

Last episode, our hapless Tomo has agreed to audition to be in a new band the creatively named "Lemon Angel 2".While wandering around the station had stumbled on some shady music industry execs doing something shady with her "dead" (of course she will probably not actually) ambiguously gay friend Yuu's song "Evolution". The music industry types spot Tomo, but fortunately the producer of Lemon Angel 2 arrives before she gets in trouble and drags her away. The producer then explains to Tomo top secret information that the original Lemon Angel didn't actually exist and were a computer program designed by Yuu. The band were based on real people, and their songs written by Yuu seemingly as part of an experiment. The public thought the band was real of course and Tomo is sworn to secrecy.

Anyway, lets move on to the real bulk of this episode. The audition round one! Here we meet the rest of the people competing to be in the band, (and if the OP is anything to go buy we already know who's going to qualify anyway). Each character seems to follow the obligatory J-pop group stereotype really (such as the gothic lolita girl you know is going to qualify as she's the only one...and is in the Op as I previously said). We also meet "best friend" character the happy go lucky and actually pretty likeable Erica, who is obviously going to support Tomo throughout the auditions (as well as qualifying herself). Finally of course there's the "rival" character! The rival takes the form of Yuuki Saya, who takes an instant dislike to Tomo (can't say I exactly blame her there), who seems to be a failed idol who worked for another agency under a different name who is quitting that agency and seeking fame elsewhere! Saya is pretty full of herself, very aggressive towards Tomo (who she later thinks is "in" with the producer so is bound to qualify) and obviously is going to do her best to cause Tomo all kinds of problems. Finally we discover that Suwa has already qualified for the band, and she will be overseeing the auditions. Of course Suwa seems to hate Tomo (Tomo can't understand why but again... I can give it a few good guesses here..) and gives her a cold lecture in the locker rooms.Saya takes this oppourtunity to suck up to Suwa too.

I should probably take this opportunity to get my fangirl rant about just how cool Suwa is out my system at this point. She is without a doubt the best character in the show (Yuu would be if she wasn't well, "dead" and had screentime outside of flashbacks) and the fact she is very cold and emotionless makes her even more intriguing. So far Suwa is 9/10, the anime itself is a 7. End of fangirl rant.

So the auditions start, and despite Tomo messing up first time and being laughed at, the people you expect to qualify for the final 20 (which includes Tomo and all previously mentioned competitors of course) do. The episode ends with us oddly cutting to Saya's former manager... who seems to have something unpleasant in line for her, as way of revenge.


This episode was a vast improvement over the original. Lots of Tomo angsting over Yuu being missing from her life (it was actually sweet this time rather than annoying), makes her seem less irritating than before. I actually wanted her to do well at the auditions. The new additions to the cast are all pretty likeable or at least interesting too, despite being cliched as ever. Finally there's Suwa, who I've already ranted about enough. So all I have to say is that Lemon Angel Project episode 2 improves over episode 1 in every sense of the word and I hope three keeps up this trend.

posted by Mangaminx On Thursday, February 02, 2006  
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