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Kasimasi Manga Volume 2
Monday, February 06, 2006

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ Manga Volume 2

To be totally honest, nothing "much" happens in the second installment of Kasimasi the manga, we have chapter after chapter of differing situations where the following situations usually take place.

1) Yasuna gets one up on Tomari.
2) Tomari gets one up on Yasuna.
3) Jan Puu molests Hazumu.
4) Hazumu angsts between whether she likes Tomari or Yasuna the most but ultimately never actually decides even though she wants too.
5) Asuta fantasies about Hazumu usually resulting in a nosebleed.
6) Various other bizarre antics involving their teacher and Sora.

That is pretty much the set pattern for the chapters contained here, although while its simple it's not without merit. This volume is certainly hilarious to read and the endless comic antics of the cast while often following a tried and tested formula is genuinely hilarious. The humor is very OTT and visual, with nosebleeds, comic attacks on various characters, and in the case of the teacher plummeting off cliffs. The manga admittedly becomes increasingly harem like here to some extent as we have Hazumu in the centre and while only Yasuna and Tomari are competing for her Jan Puu is fixated on her, and even Asuta begins to find himself lost in fantasies of his best friend.

Plot wise as I say, nothing much happens here. Each chapter is pretty much one little story. Tomari and Yasuna both know they are competing with each other after Tomari eventually comes clean about her feelings to Yasuna and each gets time alone with Hazumu in different situations. The competition isn't really heated at the moment with both girls seemingly allowing the other time alone with Hazumu. The only real interesting development character wise here is Tomari, who begins to move out of self denial of the fact she's attracted to Hazumu and start to except it. That said Yasuna still definitely has the upper hand here, as she gets Hazumu's first kiss (as per last volume) then takes advantage of their time alone at a theme park (on a big wheel) to throw herself on Hazumu in a situation Hazumu cant back out from. Angst levels here are all turned down a bit from before, making things a bit less dramatic than before which detracts a little from my enjoyment, it's still there just not quite to the same proportions as volume 1.

Volume 2 of Kasimasi is fun, silly but with less development and angst than previous volumes. While I'm aware the series in seinen this volume felt a lot more so than the first, with more fanservice, ecchi humor and the like than before. However, its by no means bad.. , just not exactly deep or complex. Keep reading this for more yuri fuelled humor and some decent enough romance and angst.

Content 6
Artwork 7
Overall 6.5

(For episode reviews of the Kasimasi anime see here)

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posted by Mangaminx On Monday, February 06, 2006  
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