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Kasimasi Manga Volume 1
Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ Manga Volume 1

While I'm currently following the anime incarnation of this series I've decided to check out the manga as well. Kasimasi (or Kashimashi, whichever you prefer) is your rather obligatory love triangle with a slight twist. You may want to check out my anime episode reviews (which shall have the third installment reviewed soon) for a more in depth coverage.

Anyway, if you have no idea what Kasimasi is about, I'm here to tell you! Basically Hazumu is a rather girly guy, who after being rejected by the girl he loves Yasuna is hit in the face by a giant phallic spaceship and killed. The aliens who do this are rather apologetic, and resurrect Hazumu as a girl whilst at the same time broadcasting this transformation to the world. Hazumu finds herself as... herself, and is deposited back to earth as a girl. However Hazumu soon finds that now she is a girl, Yasuna is now interested in her and while she is rather in denial of her feelings ("Oh no I cant be bi!") her friend Tomari (who had a crush on the male Hazumu) is attracted to the female Hazumu too.

The first book of the manga mainly focuses on three things. Hazumu "adjusting" to being a girl (i.e. not asking your male best friends if they want to see your breasts, obviously one of the hardest things to get used to not doing *rolls eyes*) , Tomari angsting over the fact she is feeling in love with Hazumu and Yasuna doing her best to get Hazumu interested in her. Tomari is certainly my favourite character by the end of this volume purely as a result of her hilarious angst and mood swings brought on by her feelings. Tomari is without a doubt nowhere near as shallow as Yasuna either (Yasuna seems to be so distant from guys that she views them as inanimate objects rather than people, which is why she rejected Hazumu), although by the end of the volume Yasuna is certainly in the lead with Hazumu's affections as the pair kiss just as Tomari enters the room! Obviously this is going to cause much angst and Tomari to probably be more open with her feelings (unless she continues in denial), so I look forward to volume 2!

With all the romance occurring here (and all three characters angsting over their emotions) we also have the second aspect of the story. Aliens! Fortunately the two aliens in question don't have tentacles like many such anime aliens do, and are apparently studying human relationships and humans in general by watching Hazumu. The head of these investigations calling himself "Sora Hitomi" soon starts working as a teacher at the school (while living with Hazumu and her family the rest of the time, all of whom seem pretty ok with this bizarre turn of events, presumably as they are pretty bizarre themselves) to further his investigations, simultaneously attracting Hazumu's homeroom teacher who is longing for a boyfriend. The second alien claims she is in love with Hazumu and is named Jan-Puu, she likes to fly around and throw herself on Hazumu and generally be irritating (read "allegedly cute"). Fortunately (she has a rather more unusual appearance than Sora), only select people can see her so it doesn't cause a mass panic having her around.

That's about it content wise for volume 1, there's lots of light comedy, scenes with Yasuna trying to catch Hazumu's attention, scenes with Tomari angsting over her feelings for Hazumu, slight competition between the two and even more angst! The manga and anime do differ slightly (the anime is slightly more ecchi and fanservice orientated the manga, at least it seemed so to me) and events and scenes differ. Overall Kasimasi is light, fluffy and despite all the angst is hard to take seriously, it'll be good to see the Yasuna and Tomari competition heat up! I shall be blogging volume 2 soon (unless I get sidetracked in a deluge of other things to blog) so there's more to come!

Content 7
Artwork 7
Overall 7

A fun and silly little yuri manga that is being made into a fun and silly little yuri anime. Worth reading or watching... or both!

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posted by Mangaminx On Wednesday, February 01, 2006  
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