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Kasimasi 06
Friday, February 24, 2006

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ | Episode 06 | Bride And Groom

While the angst level for the sixth episode of Kasimasi (or Kashimashi of course), doesn't quite have the mind blowing levels I expected it to (certainly not as much as previous episodes), it does manage to provide a healthy dosage. The three leads need to be a bit more careful in controlling their emotions or falling into the domain of being an emo kid may well be around the corner! While the anime far from follows it exactly, this stage of the manga with Tomari trying to brush things off and act "normally" after witnessing the Hazumu and Yasuna kiss was one of my favourite parts. Tomari is such a great character! And pretty realistic I think in her reactions. This time round the episode focuses on Hazumu being about as indecisive as a harem lead, and Tomari realizing she wants to be Hazumu's bride... or should that be groom? After all she has her beaten in the masculinity stakes!

"Oh my God they kissed!" Tomari's world is obviously tipped a bit upsidedown here as her reaction of dropping all her school stuff upon seeing Hazumu and Yasuna kiss evidently shows to herself that she wants Hazumu to be with her instead. Of course, being the queen of self-denial she doesn't admit this, probably not even to herself and acts like nothings happened "Ignore me guys, just go back to tongue wrestling, haha" type of reaction. Tomari pushes her self denial to the limits throughout this episode, informing everyone that Hazumu and Yasuna are a couple like its such good news even to her. In fact she does everything she can to push Hazumu into spending time with Yasuna, showing she his bothered by it underneath by being so pushy.

It's times like this you need a good flashback, so cue to the fairly common one of Hazumu and Tomari as kids and talking about marriage. The ever girly male incarnation of Hazumu states he wants to be Tomari's bride, to which she reprimanded him and tells him he has to be a groom as he's male. Tomari angsts about the moment all alone, getting angry about her feelings for Hazumu and the drama meter rising once more. Its clear she loves Hazumu totally now, awww. Also though I feel its important to note that this reinforces the fact that Tomari see's Hazumu as the same person he/she is regardless of the gender at the time. Tomari's love is pure and undying, while Yasuna's evidently isn't.

Of course, while Tomari spends much of this episode angsting Yasuna is not letting go of Hazumu. They spend the episode together, Hazumu feeling more and more in love with Yasuna, but obviously concerned on the side too as Tomari is distancing herself from her. The two have fun doing such thrilling activities as growing tomatoes and playing chess *yawns*, seriously as a pairing they are so dull at times! Anyway, apart from Hazumu worrying about Tomari everything appears to be fine between them, till Yasuna goes for another kiss. It's probably one of the worst things that can happen when someone your supposed to be in love with is about to kiss you and you suddenly think of something else. But yes, you guessed it this is what happens to indecisive Hazumu here, Tomari enters her head her concern for her overwhelming and she doesn't kiss Yasuna back. Talk about giving out mixed signals, last episode she took the kiss just fine and this time round she's thinking of the other girl. Just like a harem lead as I previously said!

After a brief comic scene (with a khaki wearing Jan-Puu launching boxing gloves out a rocket launcher at Hazumu's pervy father), Hazumu (whilst showering) eventually knows that she must see Tomari and runs off to find her. Obviously her gay-dar is in good working order as she is drawn to the place where they had the "bride and groom" conversation as kids. Cue lots of "I lover her..but I have feelings for you too" angst, resulting (after much drama) in Tomari embracing Hazumu and it eventually dawning on her that she loves her. Ah the chains of self-denial are broken! Go Tomari-chan!

While this episode wasn't high on the comedy front, it did the best so far for me on both plot and character development. Tomari has finally admitted to herself she is in love, and even realizes she is the "groom" in a future relationship (if she triumphs in getting Hazumu of course) as Hazumu is a girl now, and lets face it was the bride even as a he, he was so feminine. It's also re emphasised from events here that Tomari loves Hazumu for who she is and see's her as the same person that Hazumu has always been, the person she loves. Does Yasuna finally have some proper competition from Tomari here? Well I doubt you'll find out from episode 07 (which I will blog soon) as it's the obligatory (and one all manga readers knew would be coming) beach episode. Poor Asuta will need a blood transfusion.

posted by Mangaminx On Friday, February 24, 2006  
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