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Kasimasi 05
Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ | Episode 05 | The Things Reflected In Yasuna's Eyes

*yawns* This whole "I can't see guys, but I could see most of you but your face" stage from the manga, was probably one of my least favourite bits of the series. It's totally unnecessary to have Yasuna like this in the first place, they should have just made her extremely shallow, would have been more entertaining. To begin with this aspect didn't bug me in either the anime or the manga, but it seemed much more irritating here. But anyway, this is the episode of the anime that covers that bit of the manga, as Hazumu realizes what Yasuna's world is like and they end up kissing (as seen in episode 01). While I have no objections to the rather sweet kiss at the end of the episode, overall this was a bit zzzz. But there are a few good bits, some genuinely amusing moments and the usual wrist slitting levels of angst.

Tomari is finally a bit more aggressive in her pursuit of Hazumu this episode really presenting herself as a threat to Yasuna. This usually involves her standing near both Hazumu and Yasuna, looking somewhat angry and angsty at the same time and actually striking up conversations with Hazumu while Yasuna is there. A step in the right direction for her? For sure, Tomari so far has done nothing but grit her teeth and angst and its time she got herself in gear and started making moves on Hazumu if she wants to win this! Tomari even goes as far as verbally confronting Yasuna on their art field trip where both are drawing her. Tomari is seriously, seriously angry that Yasuna is only putting the moves on Hazumu now Hazumu is female and it's clear to see. Yasuna is of course pretty non-responsive being the mirror opposite of Tomari personality wise but it's one of the most confrontational moments in the anime so far (more so than last episode) as it's done right in front of Hazumu.

The key aspect of this episode does need to be mentioned sadly though, and that is the whole "blurry boys" Yasuna-O-Vision thing. Sora picks up on this while he is teaching the class (and has supplied the class with what appear to be killer sunflowers they are all grappling with), and decides it's time that he give Hazumu a hint of what Yasuna see's, and what's she's like. Hazumu though has seemingly reverted back to "thick as shit" mode (see her behaviour in learning to be a girl in episode 02) and despite being shown an old drawing by Yasuna where none of the boys had forms except "him" (and even he didn't had a face), it still doesn't register with Hazumu that Yasuna has issues seeing guys. In fact despite numerous hints this episode (Hazumu see's a picture Yasuna has drawn of Hazumu as a girl and the face is all filled in), it takes a full blown in depth (and very angsty) confession from Yasuna at the end the episode to make things clear. This whole plot device is meant to make the viewer feel sorry for Yasuna, but to be honest it's an aspect of the plot I just blip over its so stupid. I really don't care if guys are blurry to Yasuna, perhaps she just needs glasses.

Behind all the angst surrounding this rather crap plot device, we have some funny moments too. The one "lol" moment that sticks in my head is in the lesson with the killer sunflowers. Jan-Puu appears (invisible to all bar Hazumu and Sora of course) does her usual molestation of Hazumu routine then says (while pointing to Tomari) "stay clear of that nympho". Perfect timing and perhaps the most I have laughed in the series so far.

The final moment of this episode is the scene from the start of episode 01 (or the end of the first manga takabon if you prefer). Yasuna kisses Hazumu after her tearful confession about not being able to see guys, and just as she does Tomari steps into the room. Be prepared for vast amounts of Tomari angst and denial next episode. It's a good finish, and almost makes up for the earlier drivel.

While I complain about the main aspect of this episode, it still wasn't bad overall. The first kiss (outside of a flashback) of the series is always a plus and it's good to see Tomari standing up to Yasuna. One interesting bit that I thought was important to the episode is that Tomari shows Hazumu a picture of "her" as a "him" (of when Hazumu was younger). This prompts Yasuna to say "but Hazumu is a girl now". This once again reinforces the fact that to Yasuna, Hazumu really needs to be female and to Tomari it dosen't matter. Tomari loves Hazumu for the person she (and previously he) is. The weakest episode so far but by no means actually bad, hopefully things pick up again in episode 06 as the fourth episode was just great.

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posted by Mangaminx On Tuesday, February 14, 2006  
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