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Kasimasi 04
Saturday, February 11, 2006
I know they are new Yasuna. But STOP STARING, ok?
She touched my face, quick I'd better panic!
Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ | Episode 04 | Girl Triangle

Ah we move firmly into love triangle mode her as Yasuna puts the moves on Hazumu, while Tomari does what she does best. Angst of course!

The episode opens with the revelation (not a revelation to me as I;I've read the manga, but well.. you get what I mean) that Alien-San (or Sora as he is now called) is working at the school. Of course this immediately attracts the affections of Hazumu's long single teacher, throwing her into her usual fits of hysteria. Jan-Puu flies around next to Sora, but fortunately nobody bar Sora and Hazumu can see her, how convenient!

Anyway, moving onto the main part of this episode Yasuna spends pretty much her entire screentime with Hazumu here, putting the moves on. They share bites from the same strawberry (which Tomari see's! Oh the horror!), go clothes shopping together, and finally head for karaoke! Of course, being alone in a booth with Hazumu eventually results in Yasuna being under her after Hazumu comically stumbles, Yasuna springs into action taking the time to caress Hazumu on the cheek. Hazumu promplty responds by leaping to her feet like nothings happened, total denial? More likely she is more thinking about her feelings for Tomari too, and Yasuna's previous rejection of her male appearance. She spends an appropriate amount of time angsting over this once home of course.

Yasuna plots.. I mean dreams, her next moveWhile Hazumu is at home in mid-angst Tomari turns up who happens to be just passing (yeh right, WHATEVER) to return a CD. Tomari is pretty down as she has seen Hazumu and Yasuna be increasingly friendly lately. In fact she is so down that as soon as Yasuna is mentioned she makes her excuses and then goes and has a further angst fit in a local store. Ayuki is on hand however, to give Tomari the strength to think on her feelings and encourage her to face the fact she loves Hazumu (not in so many words, but I liked Ayuki a lot here). Go Tomari, you can win Hazumu back (maybe)!

Tomari fails to face up the fact shes bi.... again
Yasuna is evidently not put off by the events of the previous day, as she is back on full "Operation Seduce Hazumu" form the next day! Yasuna shows her more self centered side here, as when she see's Tomari staring at her and Hazumu together she clearly turns her back on her. Outside in the rain at the flower garden is when Yasuna makes her move! She declares her love for Hazumu and conveniently has her umbrella blown away so she can step closer under Hazumu's. Leaning over to kiss Hazumu, Yasuna almost... but is interrupted by Tomari calling Hazumu's name from a window, upset and angered at what she see's happening. Warning dramatic moment overload sighted! Yasuna pulls away, and runs in tears that the moment has been ruined. This leads to an angsty confrontation with Tomari on the playground with Tomari showing real anger at Yasuna. Of course this is the perfect dramatic moment to end the episode on as Hazumu stands by herself all alone.

A good episode, in fact the best in the series. Lots of good angst and romance all blended in together in just the right amounts. No comedy this time really, but frankly it wasn't needed as the episode contents were good enough! One interesting thing I noticed that hasn't really been explored in the manga is Yasuna's identity as a lesbian is explored a bit more. Her schoolfriends keep trying to set her up with guys, and she is clearly not interested prompting comments like "She's a late bloomer". I'm wondering how long it will take people to realize or even if it will be touched on again. Anyway Kasimasi 4 is great, episode 5 review coming soon etc.. .

These new umbrella models are pretty small, no?
Angst is always the best place to end an episode..
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posted by Mangaminx On Saturday, February 11, 2006  
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