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Kasimasi 03
Saturday, February 04, 2006

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ | Episode 03 | Hazumu's Heart,Yasuna's Heart

Ah so another episode of lesbian angst and the like is here, in the form of Kasimasi Episode 3! And really could the angst factor be turned up any further in this episode then people would be leaping from buildings. I spent the majority of episode 3 here wondering if I was watching a shoujo drama series rather than a shounen romance, but then the brief scenes of ecchiness brought me back to reality. Anyway, on with episode 3!

After last episodes Tomari focus this episode is yep, you've guessed it all about Yasuna the girl who rejected Hazumu as a guy, and can't really see guys properly (in the anime they appear all fuzzy to her, except the male Hazumu from episode 1 who merely didn't have a face, similar to the manga's style. I'm not sure if the anime is trying to show that she saw Hazumu easier than other guys, but I'll try and leave the anime/manga comparisons at this) but is now interested in the female Hazumu! This episode pretty much has Yasuna angsting, a LOT, in fact for 90% of the episodes I wouldn't have been surprised if she pulled out a razor and slit her wrists, she was such an emo.

Last episode Hazumu had returned to her room to meet new character "Jan Puu" (or Poo apparently) and the head alien scientist guy who doesn't seem to have a name short of alien-san in the anime at the moment (he's Sora in the manga). The aliens introduce themselves (for Jan Puu this involves rubbing herself against Hazumu's breasts and making lovesick comments, as she is obsessed with her), and say they are staying in Hazumu's house while they observe humans. Hazumu's already bizarre parents take this all in their stride and seem quite happy with the pair staying in their home, seeing as later we see Hazumu's pervert father taking snapshots of Jan Puu it's fairly clear why he isn't phased.

At school the next day everything seems back to "normal". There's a pretty hilarious scene here with Tomari fending off her female admirers (who are a little over enthusiastic in their love of their favourite tomboy) and Hazumu proclaiming the fact that Tomari gets love letters from girls to be great. Meanwhile Yasuna angsting period starts when she see's Hazumu, and for a great majority of the episode we see her moping about in various situations. "Zomg I only love Hazumu now she's female, what shall I tell her" seems to be the main culprit here. Yasuna actually becomes a really sympathetic character here, as we see she is totally unable to relate to men on any level, and she lives a lonely life at home because her family are always out. I "almost" shed a tear for her, as she is portrayed as very isolated from pretty much everything *sniffs*.

Meanwhile while Yasuna is angsting about Hazumu, feeling lonely and wondering why the hell guys appear as fuzzy blurry blobs to her, Hazumu and Tomari are chatting in a cafe. Hazumu has previously tried to talk to Yasuna, and had been on the receiving end of a lot of angst, and in the cafe Hazumu asks Tomari for advice on Yasuna in "hypothetical question" type way. Hazumu obviously wants to become friends with Yasuna again, but doesn't know if it's ok for that to happen as of the rejection "he" received from her back in episode 1. Tomari puts Hazumu's mind to rest that just because someone rejects someone doesn't mean they hate them, which sends Hazumu running off with a plan in mind!

The episode ends with Yasuna coming out of her house the next morning fuelled with reknewed angst that a plant she had has died, only to find Hazumu standing there with flowers for her. Awwww. Yasuna almost declares her love for the female Hazumu here, but settles for the two becoming friends again. For now anyway, Tomari needs to get her act together and start getting points on Yasuna if she's to win this love triangle!

Yet again a good episode, perhaps the best actually as all three of the leads are developed now the fact that each has more or less had an episode to develop is a nice touch too. The angst factor of this episode may be a bit too much for some, but on top of the kinda "feel good" factor the end of the episode brings it works well. Comedy wise it wasn't as funny as episode two, although the Tomari admiration scene was hilarious and I'm assuming Jan Puu's antics were meant to be funny, I merely found them annoying. More angst is certainly on the horizon though, as I'm sure Episode 4 shall provide.

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posted by Mangaminx On Saturday, February 04, 2006  
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