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Jigoku Shoujo 11
Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo | Episode 11 | Cut String

Ah I always said Hajime was a seedy guy, so its certainly appropriate (to me anyway) that the first case of revenge he becomes involved in covers the illicit world of scandal and the press. Yes this episode of Jigoku Shoujo Hajime finds himself with his best chance at preventing revenge taking place and in doing so begins to receive a lot more attention from Enma and company. But anyway, what tale of viscous vengeance does Jigoku Shoujo supply this time round? The answer is a rather boring one, but overall key to the plot at the same time.

The main tale of revenge this time round, focuses on a now penniless son of a formly rich man, who's image and entire family has been torn apart by the emergence of a scandal in the press by a certain member of the papparazi. The person who ran the story is named Inagaki and is reliably reported to be (by Hajime himself) a "bastard", and the person who's life he has ruined is Masaya Kataoka. Masaya (like the majority of people who seem to want revenge do) contacts Enma to take revenge for him, however when it comes to pulling the string on the doll is required he isn't quite so eager. In fact, he's scared so he spends a long time brooding over whether to pull the string or not, eventually concluding that he should try and exact revenge himself (I mean hey, at least if he just goes to prison he won't be going to hell).

It is during one of the times he is trying to confront Inagaki that he meets Hajime (who as we have previously seen, supplies scandalous photos and information to various newspapers and stuff). Hajime eventually realizes (after doing his best to persuade Masaya not to take revenge in any form) that Masaya has contacted the Jigoku Shoujo. Can Hajime persuade Masaya not to pull the string off the doll? Will he save the day? The short answer is no, of course not. Even with Tsugumi doing her usual sensing of where to go to try and stop the revenge, and a moment where it seemed everything would be ok, Masaya eventually pulls the string.

What Hajime does manage to do here though, is delay things to the point that the supernatural inhabitants of the show are taking even more notice than they seemed to previously. Commenting that he is "in the way" and in one incident forcing one member of Enma's "team" to conceal herself to avoid detection. While he ultimately fails in preventing the revenge, and Inagaki is whisked off to be groped by dead hands for the first time Hajime is becoming a serious "threat" to the acts of revenge.

While I didn't find the actual story of revenge particularly thrilling (things shouldn't be as clear cut after eleven episodes) there is no discounting the fact that this is probably the most important plot episode by this point in the series. Being quite a way behind with episodes, I'm aware what's around the corner, but for me at least this seems to be the turning point in Hajime sticking his nose into the world of revenge and managing to being vaguely effective.

posted by Mangaminx On Tuesday, February 21, 2006  
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