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Jigoku Shoujo 10
Monday, February 13, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo | Episode 10 | Friends

It's finally time for the Jigoku storyline to actually show that it's episodic cast aren't always clearly good and evil and revenge is entirely subjective to the person taking it. It's also time to show that perhaps those that carry out the revenge (well Enma at least) perhaps are not entirely happy about what they are doing in the first place. Surely a show that started off so episodic couldn't be developing *gasp* depth? , it could indeed!

Poor Manami, her best friend (actually that should read "only friend) Shiori has ditched her for another group of girls in her class and she is all alone. Manami is evidently pretty down about this so she does what any rational person would do and plots to kill her former friend and send her to hell (via the help of Enma of course). After receiving the usual black doll thing with a ribbon tied around it, Manami decides she will pull the string in front of Shiori's face at school so she can see her as she is dragged to hell.

But! There are two sides to every story and we also see Shiori's this episode (pardon me while I have a quick Megumi Toyoguchi fangirl moment as she plays Shiori. Yay!). Shiori seems to have expanded her circle of friends and enjoying time with them, but was rather alarmed when Manami responded by texting her endlessly when she wasn't around Manami all the time. Shiori took this as a sign Manami was being scary and stalking her (which to be fair is rational reasoning) and takes steps to stop her. Long and a short of the events though are that both girls dislike each other strongly.

Anyway, with neither girl really entirely at fault here and both having originally made assumptions about the other it is the day that Manami shall take her revenge. However, Shiori spots the doll in advance (she is inspired to look for it in Manami's desk after Manami keeps grinning at her psychotically all day) and takes it without Manami noticing. Shiori realizes the doll is for a curse, but does not know its related to the ribbon and performs her own ritual on it (to make a curse on Manami), leaving the doll ineffectually nailed to a tree in the woods.

Now the interesting thing here is that Enma's cohorts are on the verge of returning the doll to Manami, but instead they are told by Enma to leave it there. Enma is clearly taking a personal interest in this case, and it's the first time we have seen her get so involved. To me it seemed implied that she felt that there was no valid reason for revenge between them, and perhaps wanted a happy ending. It does actually look like a happy ending is on the cards! As the next day Shiori is rejected by her new group of friends and makes peace with Manami but this is short lived... . Shiori seems to think the doll will help her take revenge on her classmates, and insists that Manami pull the ribbon from it or they won't be friends. Of course the ribbon is pulled, but as Manami says after her friend is dragged away. At least they will be friends in hell.

While not my favourite episode of Jigoku Shoujo, this is the most important. Enma receives a lot of development here she is portrayed as somewhat restless in her position. She lectures Manami that its her fault for requesting revenge in the first place after Shiori is taken at the end of the episode, which shows personal involvement entering things again (I think it's the first time she has spoken to someone who's taken revenge after the event happens). Perhaps she wants to stop being the Hell Girl, and I felt a comment at the start of the episode made her sound lonely. One other thing that was interesting to the episode is the ever seedy Hajime one again witnesses events and tries to stop them, he is clearly getting involved in things himself more and more. Hopefully Episode 11 shall expand on the concept of Enma being a bit more restless, developing her as a character.

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posted by Mangaminx On Monday, February 13, 2006  
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