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Gokujou Seitokai 23
Thursday, February 09, 2006

Gokujou Seitokai | Episode 23 | Shoujo Detectives

More filler? MORE FILLER? of course, this is Gokujou Seitokai after all. Although judging by the preview episode 24 is where the final plot kicks off. Anyway moving back to this episode we have intrigue! paranoia! and... magical girls.

Nobody knows a thing about Landlady other than the fact she is incredibly young compared to the rest of the cast and seems to run the Gokujou Dormitory despite being so. Randou takes it upon herself to investigate the landlady this episode and find out more about her! To be fair, landlady really scares me, she is disturbingly cutesy and giggly to the point I almost feel like vomiting over the screen when she makes an appearance, usually only to make a non-sensical squeak a grin inanely. It's beyond me why anyone would want to investigate her life in the first place thus subjecting themselves to eye meltingly huge levels of cuteness radiation.

Anyway, through talking with Ayu Rino finds out that Landlady skips school a few days a week, but the covert squad has never found out why as she always vanishes when they followed her on those days. Puu-chan smells something fishy here and decides to gather the "Shoujo Detectives" (with himself as the leader) to follow Landlady. The Shoujo Detectives are actually free from any members of the covert squad in their ranks, and Puu-chan couldn't really have picked a more useless bunch from the student council to be on the squad.

Conspiracies are soon rife as a magical girl transformation stick that Rein deems to be real is found in the Landlady's bedroom. They conclude the Landlady is a "mahou shoujo" of some kind, and transforms for a variety of bizarre reasons the group come up with. Case Closed! Or rather, the case isn't closed as it turns out the stick belongs to Nanoha who's "tough girl" image is furthered shattered by the revelation she dances around with it in her room while playing with her stuffed animals. The Shoujo Detectives must find out more about Landlady!

To cut a long story short, after fruitlessly being unable to follow the amazing vanishing Landlady anywhere Rino decides to ask the Landlady herself what she does. Rino tracks Landlady down using her seemingly speedily developing sixth sense (hinted at in previous episodes) and finds her at Kaori's house. Of course, Landlady isn't up to anything sinister she is merely looking after Kaori's family for her while Kaori is at school. Rino discovers this, and is so touched she gets the rest of the Gokujou council to help Kaori (she was too proud to ask) by looking after her brothers and sisters on certain days to share the workload. Awww, a happy and sweet ending after all.

A decent enough episode, with a funny first half and a bit of a "meh" over-serious second half. Usually when Gokujou tries to be touching and emotional it fails. The only real hint of the plot in this episode is Kanade and Seina watching Rino's psychic powers develop like in previous episodes, and that's about it. Still it's not bad, just not outstanding much the same as a fair few episodes in the second half of this series. With only three episodes to go and the plot evidently kickstarting next episode, I am interested to see how all the slight hints of intrigue we have seen so far all fit together.

posted by Mangaminx On Thursday, February 09, 2006  
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