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Burst Angel DVD#6 (Finale)
Monday, February 20, 2006
DVD Title - Burst Angel DVD #6 : Guardian Angel
Company - Funimation
Age Rating - 14+
Genre - Girls With Guns
Running Time - 100mins
Episodes - 21) New Sherriff In Town, 22) Genocide Angels, 23) Red Sea Gallows, 24) Angels Explode
Audio Options - English/Japanese
Extras - Audio Drama Episodes, Alternate Opening/Closing, Funimation Previews, Mr Stain Free Episode, Japanese Trailer, Angels Explode Dub Commentary
Bonus Items - Art Booklet + Interviews
DVD Region - 1

Just a quick summary and thoughts on the series overall here.

While I won't spoil precisely what happens (although perhaps you can piece together from all the screencaps) the final US volume of Burst Angel is here complete with the usual explosions, fanservice and occasional splatterings of blood. Volume 6 I found (having not seen the series previously) was pleasingly about a zillion times more yurified than all the previous discs combined, so I just had to take loads and loads of screenshots! While Jo is still pretty cold (reminding me I should probably get the manga at some point) this volume, Meg is certainly far more affectionate than ever before dreaming of a "happy ever after ending" for her Jo, it was all rather sweet when it was clear it was on her mind. Of course Maria actually manages to be interesting in this volume too, reminding me somewhat less disturbed version of Ryofo from Ikki Tousen in her aggressive pursuit of Meg. It's all rather thrown together as there was never any clue that Maria wanted Meg for herself in previous volumes but hey, it certainly made things more interesting.

Burst Angel is a series often picked on for being shallow and not really having a plot. And that is true! But frankly I cared little if there was a plot or not throughout the series I was having so much fun watching in. I admittedly only bought the first volume as I had a fangirl moment over Jo, but now at the end of the series I'm glad I've seen it all. The ending itself is nothing special and a bit of a cop out if you take into account the events of the previous episodes, it left me feeling a bit "wtf" but at least there is the OVA to take in later this year. Taking into account the series shallow nature, the fact that nothing much actually happened at the end of the day bar lots of explosive battle sequences I'm hard pushed to give the show a great score, despite enjoying it. But hey, I'm in a good mood.

Contents: 7
Animation: 9
Audio: 8 (the soundtrack is really growing on me by the end)
Extras: 9
Packaging: 8

Overall Series Score: 7 - A shallow but explosively entertaining series!

posted by Mangaminx On Monday, February 20, 2006  
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