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Monday, January 16, 2006

DVD Title - ROD The TV #4 - The Turning Point
Company - MVM
Age Rating - 12+
Genre - Thriller
Running Time - 100mins
Episodes - 13) Twilight Of The Papers II, 14) Paper Leaf Wood, 15) In The Gray Light Of The Abyss, 16) Fahrenheit 451
Audio Options - English/Japanese
Extras - Art Gallery, Japanese Previews, Commentry, MVM Previews
DVD Region - 2

DVD Contents

Episode 13 - Twilight Of The Papers II
The paper sisters continue their attack on Doukusensha in order to rescue Nenene.

- Lots of fast paced paper wielding action this episode, as we pick up where the cliff hanger left off. Maggie stays behind to battle the enemy paper master, while Anita and Michelle head deeper into the tower.
- Junior, as always seems to be playing for two sides here, carrying out his mission for Joker while popping up through the walls to help out the sisters without them noticing.
- "Sinister Chinese Guy" evidently has second thoughts about what he's done in abducting Nenene and helps her escape when Anita makes it to the room. Unfortunately he gets shot (in typical heroic "self sacrifice", fashion) his pet pigeon seemingly permanently attatching itself to the girls soon after. It nests in Maggies hair in later episodes, awww. Just as long as it doesn't do anything else in there =x.
- Shock! Horror! The building self destructs! Not only that but it causes most of the Hong-Kong waterfront to sink too! Will the girls get out? Especially if they are all separated? Of course they will, pfft its only the halfway point of the series afterall.

Episode 14 - Paper Leaf Wood
Ah its time to tie everything from the OVA of Read Or Die in with the TV series, and our evil but cool Wendy seems to be the character chosen to do so.

- This entire episode is done via Wendee writing a report that tells the entire backstory to the OVA of Read Or Die, and fills in exactly what's been happening since the start of this series. It also ties in Yomiko to the main plot!
- It turns out that Doukusensha were behind the incident in the OVA, but supposedly the historical figures rebelled and did their own thing disobeying Doukusensha who gave them life *gasp*.
- The whole goal that the British Library has been trying to fulfill for a long time is to restore a Methuselah like character "Mr Gentleman" to his former glory, after many failed plans to stop him aging and give him a new body the latest plan has resulted in all his knowledge being in books. Yep, you guessed it the books Doukusensha was after!
- After an incident where the British Library burnt down (Yomiko was somehow related to this and vanished at that time) , the UK became internationally shunned and it is now also trying to obtain its former glory. Joker has made a deal with Doukunsensha which resulted in them getting their missing books of "Mr Gentleman's" knowledge back. However the missing Yomiko apparently has one.
- Doukunsensha do of course have their own plans and reasons for co-operation with their former enemies on the side.
- Phew, a LOT of plot and revelations there and it's told fairly well without becoming boring to watch which may have been a problem! Meanwhile while all this is being told, Junior angsts over not having a birthday and generally looks more depressed than he usually does.

Episode 15 - In The Gray Light Of The Abyss
At long last it's time from heroines extrodinaire Yomiko and Nancy to enter the plot! Well...kinda..

- Nenene and the paper sister are on the run! The crime? Sinking Hong Kong of course, they've been framed! Going undercover (by wearing ridiculous wigs) the girls soon (with their pigeon friends help) that Yomiko has a book important to the various factions involved in things, it's time to track her down!
- Yomiko and Nenene finally re-meet, it turns out Yomiko and Nancy have been hiding out in a huge library for a long while since the "incident" in the UK which brought it to its knees.
- Its pretty cool to see Yomiko and Nancy again, although Nancy has become a rather tragic character (if you remember the unfortunate events at the end of the OVA) character. She seems almost childlike, although she reveals she apparently has had a child that she implies is dead.
- Ah the yuri subtext, its been a few episodes no? Yomiko and Nancy (to me at least) fit in squarely as a couple here and its evident they are extremely close even more so than in the OVA. Nenene and Yomiko subtext is abound here, it's clear that Nenene is totally nuts about Yomiko, she is obsessing over her so much before seeing her, certainly arises thoughts to accusations made by Nenene's old classmates in an earlier episode. In denial somewhat Nenene? ;).

Episode 16 - Farenheit 451
Joker has found Yomiko and company! How will events turn out? And what exactly is Operation Farenheit 451!

- Joker gatecrashes "happy reunion" between Yomiko and Nenene, trying to kidnap them both and obtain the book Yomiko has! He even holds a gun to Nancy's head to force Yomiko to hand it over, although the abilities of the 1337 paper sisters are here to save the day! Cue fast paced action sequence!
- All the books in the bookshops in town are collected by the British Library as part of "Farenheit 451" and put into a huge pile! What's going on? Wont somebody save the books!?
- Hiding out at Yomiko's place for a brief respite, Junior appears and tries to snatch Yomiko's book. However, Nancy stops him...his fading in and out of powers seemingly not letting him break free of her grasp. It's incredibly obvious from this very second that Junior is Nancy's son as they have the same "pass through object" abilities. Shocking revelation, unless you don't pick up on that of course.
- Wendy (in sinister form) sets fire to all the books in town causing Yomiko to panic and rush out into the open as her beloved books are harmed. The rest of the girls rush to her side, looks like it was a trap! Cue next disc cliffhanger!
- Finally Anita is freaked by the fire too (a recurring pattern throughout the series) , its evident somewhere in her past she was effected by fire, probably the one at the British Library!

The return of two fantastic characters.., lots of action.., a stunning plot..., lots of revelations, what else is there to say! ROD The TV comes out of merely average to becoming one of the best dvds I have watched here! Now if only MVM can release Volume 5 soon.... *crosses all her limbs*.

Contents 9.5
Animation 8
Audio 8
Extras 5
Packaging 2

posted by Mangaminx On Monday, January 16, 2006  
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