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Paranoia Agent
Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Welcome to the world of Paranoia Agent where pink dogs with huge eyes squeak in irritating voices, psychos with bats lurk in the shadows and random things (that you will only notice are relevant if you are actually Satoshi Kon) happen! Yes, Paranoia Agent is one of those anime that while essentially good thrives on being as bizarre as possible. A lot of things don’t make sense here, probably not even to the creators. You can picture the scene, “Hey guys seeing as Satoshi Kon is directing this and you know, he’s like super famous from Perfect Blue lets just smoke something illegal and do what the hell we like!”.

O.K it’s not that bizarre in fact it is actually quite good, still there’s no escaping the fact that the contents contained therein should contain a health warning for being so “different”. Pink dogs may give you nightmares…

Shounen Bat (Or Lil Slugger if your watching the 1337 dub, seriously I don’t know why Geneon do good dubs sometimes then churn out total crap on others) goes around the world of Paranoia Agent smacking people with his bat. Sometimes he leaves them unconscious sometimes *shock horror*, he even kills them! Who is this mysterious attacker? What is he? Where did he come from? Why is the case so difficult?! All these questions are posed to the two detectives put on the case! It’s just like a noir-esque detective saga, except with baseball bats and roller-skates! Oh and there’s a bizarre supernatural streak to everything too *cue spooky noises*.

Most episodes of Paranoia Agent focus on one of “Lil Slugger’s” victims all of which seem to be backed into a corner and desperate for a way out when he strikes! The victims vary from “bratty kid running for school president” too “girl with split personalities who’s a teacher…no a hooker…no a teacher…no a….AHHHH” and many many more. Each episode is obviously trying to give differing views on “Lil Slugger” and get increasingly bizarre as more rumours about him and paranoia surrounding him reaches other characters ears. The cast for the most part are all pretty interesting; although you feel a lot of the time a few of them could use a good whack round the head to teach them not to be such foul people.

Where Paranoia Agent falls down for me is the fact it has so much randomness and bizarreness and stuff that makes NO sense. It (like Lain) is like the Tate Modern of anime at times. “Tries to be clever by being weird and producing things that nobody actually understands and probably never will all in the name of being artsy”. Now Paranoia Agent doesn’t do this to the extent of Lain and for the most part is good, but its an aspect in some anime that reeeealllllllyyyy gets on my nerves and it deserves to be poked down a few notches because of it!

So in short! Paranoia Agent is good, its true, quick see it now! BUUUUUT (and that’s a big but) its way, way to glorified and while original is not, repeat NOT a classic.
posted by Mangaminx On Wednesday, January 04, 2006  
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