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Mai Otome 16
Sunday, January 29, 2006

Mai Otome | Episode 16 | It's A Promise!

Episode sixteen of Mai Otome is here! Before anything else happens we find that Arika (defeating Tomoe on the way) has triumphed in her battles, as has Nina and the two of them are teaming up to take on Shiho and Chie at Coral graduation. Maria pretty much gives Tomoe a license to be more psychotic than ever here by telling her that she is the substitute should something happen to Arika or Nina. Then it's time for the all new spoilerific opening!

While the new opening isn't that impressive to listen to it certainly has a lot of clues as to future events. We actually see Mai for the first time confirming she will be in the series later, we see the 5 pillars (Nao being one of them) readying themselves to defend the world. We see Mashiro and Mikoto hanging out with Midori and Company indicating some kind of alliance, and most importantly of course we see Arika and Nina in full Meister resplendour battling it out! Looks like it's time for the plot to really get underway!

Jumping back to this weeks episode, we see everyone preparing themselves to be ready for the Otome graduation ceremony. Arika and Nina are training hard, with Chie and Tomoe watching. It is here we find that Chie knows Tomoe is behind everything bad that's happened and tells her to stop, Erstin overhears this so now knows the truth! Meanwhile elsewhere Nagi is preparing for the Otome graduation too of course, by asking Midori to side with him. She promplty rejects (which he expects her to do) and she and her legion now know something big will happen at Otome graduation and they are expected to be there. We also see that many slave gems are around the city, presumably to be activated once Otome graduation starts. The disturbing thing is though... one of these gems has been sent to a member of the Otome school. Who could it be? While I'm fairly sure it will be someone inconsequential or perhaps Tomoe, we shall have to wait and see next episode to say for sure.

Everyone is now all excited about the graduation ceremony, as news of where different Otome are going when they graduate is flooding through the school. The most surprising news (seriously, she isn't the most honourably motivated girl in the place) is that Nao has been selected to be one of the five pillars , a choice that she is a little annoyed over as it stops her plan of marrying a rich nobleman and leeching off him after graduation. However it certainly secures her a key place in the upcoming battles!

Everyone's favourite junior psychopath Tomoe is tipped over the edge around this point, by the fact that someone mentions that Shizuru (Yes HER Shizuru Onee-sama, how DARE they!) would be pleased with Arika's progress. Taking some acid used to destroy the earring the Miya left behind upon leaving the school last episode, she decides to take Arika out of the running (complete with the usual evil grin of course). Fortunately this goes wrong as Erstin see's Tomoe on a ledge above Arika "just" as Tomeo drops the acid. Erstin bravely sacrifices herself (well she gets a bit burnt) by diving and pushing Arika out of the way, although oddly Erstin doesn't reveal it was Tomoe behind the attack. Tomoe of course flees to presumably go and concut even eviler plans.

So after some brief scenes where Arika, Nina and Erstin swear to be Meistar's and Arika sends a hankerchief to her "mysterious benefactor" (something she presumably wouldn't do if she knew his real identity) it's time for the actual ceremony. After a brief introduction where Arika yells at Sergey and Nina wonders what's up, Shiho attempts Maki-Maki and gets whacked by Chie and everyone is in a happy mood, Mashiro unveils her new castle as the ceremonies start. Of course though, everyone seems to have failed to notice John Smith has somehow been involved in building the castle, and turned the top of it into a giant cannon capable of destroying buildings. He demonstrates this of course, then summons forth a huge army of slaves as the shit, frankly hits the fan... , until next episode when we see more clearly what's going on of course.

Yet again no other key points this week as everything was key to the plot anyway! Overall an episode setting everything up for the epic battles set to come in the remaining nine episodes. Next episode speculation? I think Tomoe will join the baddies (opening pretty much says that anyway), A fair few of the cast (perhaps even my Chie *sobs*) will die and Midori and Company will team up with the good guys to help save the world. Unfortunately Nina will not be one of the good guys (at least to begin with) as she shall be protecting Nagi. Until next weeks episode then!

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posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, January 29, 2006  
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