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Mai Otome 15
Sunday, January 22, 2006

Mai Otome | Episode 15 | Arika Crying

Episode Contents
Last episode, our heroine Arika was about to be raped by a gang of street thugs sent by Miya and Tomoe (Tomoe being the orchestrator here). Things were certainly taking a turn for the darker side of things. Fortunately for Arika help is on hand from Sergey and rather surprisingly perhaps from Nao and her gang. Sergey who has just discovered Arika may be the real princess, leaps into action hearing her screams in rather heroic fashion. He conveniently has a gun too which sends the thugs running round the corner into Nao's awaiting clutches. It also happens that Chie and Aoi are down the docks too (on a date we later discover, and sadly that is probably the most concrete piece of information we are going to get that they are a couple *sniffs*, Chie and Aoi need their own episode dammit!), and while Nao, Chie and Aoi don't approach Sergey who is comforting Arika they realize what was happening with the gang.

O.K a huge chunk of this episode is dedicated to Sergey and Arika so I'll cover that first. Sergey comforts Arika, giving her his cloak to wear and also takes her on a walk. This results in them "almost" (thankfully almost or I would have died) kissing, but Sergey rejecting her. Arika slaps him after some rather cruel dialogue from him evidently designed to put her off and she storms off back to the school. Ah! thats the first sensible thing Sunrise has done plotwise for a few weeks.

Meanwhile at the school itself, Chie, Nao and Shiho have accused Miya of ordering the rape on Arika, and haul her off to the dungeon like cells beneath the school. The next day, Arika (accompanied by Nina and Erstin) is summoned by Chie to give evidence. Chie is unbelievably cool here leading the conversation as she explains Miya was behind the uniform incident, the backpack incident and last nights incident and has confirmed this herself. It's rather important to note that Nina asks if she has any accomplices, and when she does this she and Nao exchange a knowing glance so maybe they are onto to Tomoe but do not have enough evidence (yet). Arika is behaving rather erratically through all of this, sometimes seeming silly and uncaring, other times serious. Presumably in a mess after her argument with Sergey. It's quite scary to see actually as I didn't think it was possible for Arika to become any more ditzy than she already is but she pushes the ditzometer even further at times here.

Anyway, before any action can be decided on by the Torias, Natsuki shows up and announces that Miya has voluntarily left the school anyway, so the case is closed. Farewell Miya! Is she gone for good?

Arika and Mashiro have a scene towards the end of the episode, which seems purely designed it seems for them to "angst out" and have a good cry, getting the thoughts of Sergey and Takumi out their systems. It was quite a good scene, just because I've been sick of them being so moody these past few weeks and hopefully this is the last we will hear of it all for a while at least.

Finally, the episode ends with the Otome battles beginning (for the end of term graduation) and first up is Arika Vs RandomOtomeGirl01. Who will win? Guess we will find out next week!

Other Episode Highlights/Key Points
- Sergey was told by Nagi to find the real princess and seduce her if he had too to control her. This explains why Sergey almost kissed Arika, but he finds himself too nicer person to do it. He and Nagi are going to end up battling to some degree I'm sure.
- Nao is constantly sharpening her nails throughout this episode. It's just a nice touch and fits her personality and character well, making her seem even greater than usual to me.
- Seeing Tomoe starting to panic a little when Miya is hauled off was pretty enjoyable, I cannot wait for her final downfall. Next to Midori maybe favorite baddie in the show so far.
- Tomoe gives Miya a note when she leaves, a note we see Miya ripping up on the transport out of Windbloom later. What did it contain? We shall have to wait and see.

Overall a fun episode with suprisingly light hearted content mixed in with some key character development and plot revelations. Certainly one of the best episodes for weeks.

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posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, January 22, 2006  
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