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Mai Otome 14
Sunday, January 15, 2006

Mai Otome | Episode 14 | Otome S.O.S

And here we are at the fourteenth episode of Mai Otome, the darkest and really the most unpleasant so far, by a long shot.

Well, just when I thought Arika obsessing over Sergey would be pushed to the side it continues for pretty much this entire episode. *Angst* I'm in love, *Angst* Grandmother told me better etc..., Arika almost out-angsts Nina for the entire series this episode. Fortunately for Arika, Erstin is there to comfort her while unrest spreads through the school after the rumours of a battle on the borders of the countries of Romulous and Remus. This directly effects Miya who is bound to one of those countries and causes her to lose her temper with Arika because she thinks Arika is trivializing it all with some comments. This is a situation Tomoe see's she can take advantage of!

Meanwhile after the Meistar battle between Romulus and Remus, Natsuki and Sergey have the leaders of the countries in for peace talks. Both country *gasp*, claims that the other attacked them first, but while arguments rage you do get the feeling that some kind of tentative calm has been restored. Of course, we all know who really attacked them were slaves sent by Nagi and the Shibaratsu, invisible ones this time! And we see Nagi and John Smith plotting more schemes as they admire their "test run". However, the existence of their slaves is revealed to Shizuru by Miyu, who turns up in her witches outfit and does her "mysterious prophet" thing.

Anyway, after hearing about Rena-Oneesama (whom Arika's special earrings belonged too) in a story from Erstin, Arika rushes through the streets that evening only to be attacked by a gang armed with a camera... , it seems that someone (*cough* Tomoe and Miya *cough*) has paid them to rape her. This will of course be an incredibly traumatic experience and also eliminate her Otome powers. The episode ends with Arika helpless but Sergey very close garnering information, it seems fairly evident that he will save her and she will fall for him even more *rolls eyes*.

From the information Sergey is getting from an old lady we also learn some key things to do with the "real princess" this episode. We find out in the attack on the castle years ago, Rena gave the necklace Arika has to the real princess and sent her out the castle floating on some water, and put her real baby in place of the princess. Is this actually Arika and Mashiro? Only time will tell, and probably one of the final episodes.

On the "other episode key points" front I usually do, there isn't much to add here being very much an episode where the plot covers everything. Tomoe is obviously manipulating Miya in a rather sinister way, we have a brief glimpse of Midori and Co, who are evidently planning something and that just about covers everything!

Episode 15 seems to be focused more on Arika's feelings for Sergey which is really something I hope they move away from as soon as humanly possible, but I have my doubts. The plot while getting fairly good seems to have elements (such as Arika and Nina's Sergey obsession) that I find rather irritating and detract from my enjoyment a bit. While this episode was good overall and very much a "key plot" episode, there's just some aspects of the story that need to die a slow painful death.

posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, January 15, 2006  
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