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Mai Otome 13
Sunday, January 08, 2006

Mai Otome | Episode 13 | In The Deep Red Sky

Welcome to an episode of Mai Otome that's SO heterosexual that you will go back and check that your watching the same show as to the last twelve episodes!

With an episode like this there can be only one focus its time for Akane and Kazu to have their romance episode! Now, to be fair I'm not really a fan of Akane, she is pretty boring as a character all too "little miss.perfect" to really catch my attention, but hey she is apparently popular so I suppose she only deserves her moment in the limelight. This episode Akane is selected to leave the school and become an elite MeiStar (or Mai Star, I've lost track as of the number of different spelling to this I've seen round the net) , but its time to turn up the angst as that means leaving her beloved Kazu-Kun behind *sobs*, oh the drama! To be fair actually the drama levels here are pretty sedate as we see Akane battle with her inner feelings in a fairly tame way, we need more angst dammit! Anyway, Akane struggles with what to do for a while taking advice from people such as Nao and Arika (not exactly people I'd turn to for advice) but after a battle with the latest slave to appear she seems determined to be an Otome! Later the ceremony to make her a Meistar begins.... , it looks like it's all set... . However boys and girls we have to take into account "White Horse Syndrome" (I'm not sure if such a thing exists but I'll claim it does anyway), when a prince (in this case Kazu) appears, sweeps the heroine off their feet in the moment of need and runs off with them. Yes you guessed it, this is what happened to Akane! Kazu pulls her away from the ceremony and they run off into the sunset to live happily ever after. Probably.

Other Episode Highlights/Key Points
- "John Smith" (mr.evil to his friends), and Nagi are the ones behind the slave attacks, presumably to cause a war.
- Nina and Arika spend the episode angsting over being in love with Sergey as per the previous few episodes, even if Sergey is thankfully not returning these feelings I still find it totally disturbing in general.
- We find out what happened to Mai! Finally! She was a student selected to be one of the five pillars but was also in love with a guy (the pictures in the books looked bizarrely like Sergey/Tate) , and she ran into these woods to ask a fortune telling spirit and mysteriously vanished. Presumably along with the powerful five pillar gemstone.
- Amongst all this heterosexually what would Otome be without its yuri subtext? hmm? Well needless to say Shizuru, Chie and Tomoe don't let us done. Shizuru (who is apparently in love with someone *gasp*) embraces Arika in her usual way, Tomoe almost declares her love to Shizuru and gives the other Otome a lecture on the values of loving ones own gender and Chie of course only needs to carry a rose and she projects the gayest image in eternity. Hooray!
- Finally the episode ends with Shizuru finding an Otome war has broke out between two countries and quickly sending a message to Natsuki about this. The war has begun *gasp*.

Well, I have mixed feelings about this episode. It wasn't bad, It wasn't stunning it was just somewhat inbetween. Not the weakest episode yet and it did have interesting bits and a nice fight sequence, but my enjoyment was probably marred by the fact I didn't really care what happened to Akane and Kazu anyway. Almost a filler episode but not quite.

posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, January 08, 2006  
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