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Lemon Angel Project 01
Sunday, January 22, 2006

Lemon Angel Project | Episode 01 |The Angel Who Awakened From A Dream

Ah the final "yuri subtext" offering of this season I'm going to check out (unless there's something I missed) and while its better than the key-rape fest that is Kagahime it's sadly a little lacking still.

First off lets meet Tomo, Tomo is possibly the most irritating lead character I have had the displeasure of watching lurch around the screen in a fair while. She has a habit of falling over (supposedly hilariously of course) and has the rather scary, but kinda sweet at the same time habit of referring to a friend of hers who seems to be 1)Dead, or 2)Missing (I didn't really catch which) as if she is still around her. Her friend in question is Yuu (voiced by Kaori Shimizu who plays Noriko in Maria-Sama Ga Miteru and appearing via flashbacks) and throughout the episode we are given subtle hints that Yuu herself at least might be "gay", and its certainly clear that she and Tomo were pretty close. There is a picture of them that Tomo still has, which I thought was sweet and an obligatory flashback scene where we see Yuu certainly be a little touchy feely with Tomo.

Anyway, Yuu also had another friend a girl named Suwa Miki. Suwa used to be in a J-pop group called "Lemon Angel Project" whom Yuu wrote a particular song for entitled "Evolution". However, something went wrong (I wasn't entirely sure of the details here) and the group disbanded rather speedily. Suwa is certainly my favourite character of the anime and what was really made this episode worth watching. Suwa goes to the same school as Tomo, and seems to be good at everything "cool", such as music and sports and the like. Tomo attempts to talk to Suwa but Suwa really doesn't want to know and considering how damn annoying Tomo is I'm really not surprised in the slightest.

Anyway, moving on with the actual plot here. Tomo is "scouted" by a guy in dark glasses who she ends up assaulting with a bag thinking he's a stalker (it was actually mildly amusing, and certainly the only bit of the episode that was vaguely funny). She is scouted to audition for a new version of Lemon Angel Project, and after hearing from a guy who used to work with Yuu, that Yuu really wanted Tomo to sing "Evolution", Tomo agrees to audition. Aww.

Tomo ends the episode by stumbling (rather literally) into a seemingly secret and sinister looking meeting between industry rep types, talking about her friend Yuu. You can never trust bishies in suits at all, nope, nope.

While future events seem fairly obvious there's going to be some twists and turns plot wise involving both Suwa and past events with Yuu that are a bit trickier to guess. Tomo will obviously join the new Lemon Idol Group somehow although seeing as she seems to posses as much talent as a fingernail at this moment in time it may take a while, or a miracle. Overall this is an average anime and the only bits I enjoyed were the moments with Yuu and Suwa, the rest focusing on Tomo was desperately dull. Not something I shall continue with unless I am really, really bored.

posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, January 22, 2006  
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