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Kasimasi 1
Thursday, January 12, 2006

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ | Episode 1 | The Day The Boy Transformed

Ah, finally this anime season has managed to churn out something that isn't the anime equivalent of torture. Kasimasi, is good, it really is. In fact given I wasn't expecting it to be an ideal situation for a shoujo-ai romance story I was more than a little pleasantly surprised.

Episode Contents
Hazumu Osaragi is a very feminine boy, he doesn't seem to enjoy anything the other boys like doing, he is gentle quiet and happens to be in love with a girl named Yasuna Kamiizumi. Hazumu under much pressure from a male peer and from a girl named Tomari Kurusu (who has a crush on Hazumu herself, but has given up on him) eventually gets up the nerve to ask Yasuna to be his girlfriend. However despite their evidently close friendship, Yasuna turns him down and he is very upset, Hazumu goes off up a mountain alone one night lost in sorrow. Meanwhile Yasuna also seems very upset that she herself turned him down, and spends some time angsting over flowers that she herself is alone too as previously the two had done things together.

While all this angsting and lamentation is going on down on earth, we see an alien spaceship flying above. Unfortunately the alien spaceship spirals out of control and plunges earth-wood (much to the notice of NASA who are actually voiced by some unintentionally hilarious but rather well spoken non-Engrish sounding VA's). This rather scarily phallic spaceship collides dead on with Hazumu as he stand atop the mountain he has climbed sobbing that he wants to find love. This is of course kills him. The aliens are very apologetic however, begging forgiveness for accidentally smashing his body into a million pieces and decide to resurrect him. Hazumu is resurrected hooray! However the aliens bring Hazumu back as a girl, entirely a girl in fact, in every way. Being kind considerate aliens they also broadcast what they have done to the world on huge screens in the sky so everybody knows Hazumu is now female.

Hazumu seems rather unphased by everything that's happened and sits happily atop the mountain she is now dropped on as Tomari (who has been looking for her with their other friends) and Yasuna rush to her side. It's fairly clear why Yasuna turned down Hazumu when she looks at her and pulls an expression of adoration, Yasuna is gay! (betcha didn't see that coming despite reading the title!) Tomari doesn't seem overly phased by the fact her crush is female, and judging from the opening of the anime (the top picture of this blog post) we have an all girl love triangle on the way for the rest of the anime, hopefully full of lots of drama, angst and the cutesy and genuinely funny humour displayed here.

Other Episode Highlights/Key Points
I'm aware I usually do this section as a list, but well there is way to much to talk about in this episode. I have a feeling at the end of this series Hazumu will turn back into a guy, as well... it is aimed at guys but I hope to be pleasantly surprised and not let down, but we shall see! I was concerned Hazumu would be an stereotypically masculine character turned into a girl, but actually judging by the personality the "he character of him" is displayed as having in this episode, she is perhaps better suited to be female anyway. She certainly doesn't seem phased by it which I thought was a nice touch, although I suppose theirs a chance she may not entirely have realized what has happened yet after she was just dumped on the mountain (although it would be a bit hard not too). Also the fact that she is voiced by Kana Ueda (Yumi in Maria-Sama Ga Miteru) kinda completes the very girly image as she has one of the giggliest and light voices out there without managing to be irritating.

The rest of the cast in general proved to be a likeable bunch, and the light humour mixed in with moments of angst suited them well. Yasuna is a rather sweet character and her angsting over the fact the person she liked was male so couldn't be attractive to her was great, I need a shot of drama. Tomari seems to be rather the opposite of Yasuna, she seemed to me to be more aggressive, headstrong and generally "GRRR". You can see her pictured above kicking one Hazumu's peers in the face for trying to get "him" to try porn mags. The rest of the cast seemed to exist more for comic reasons, Hazumu's parents and teacher's antics were mildly amusing, and while not "LOL" style humour the light and fluffy vibe to the humour works well.

So overall for Kasimasi 1? Well its cute, sweet with a cast I think I can really like (I think I shall draw conclusions more on this after episode 2, lots of drama and angst and a yuri love triangle... , well there's not much else I could ask for really. Apart from a good ending to the entire anime... but my hopes for that aren't high at this present moment. Episode 1 however comes highly recommended.

posted by Mangaminx On Thursday, January 12, 2006  
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