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Kasimasi 02
Wednesday, January 25, 2006

ZOMG I'm in a comic freeze frame
Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ | Episode 02 | The Girl Realizes She's a Girl

Hazumu is now a girl, as we found out last episode she seems to be taking it all in her stride though, perhaps based largely on the fact she was the most masculine of guys out there (and that's an understatement). Anyway, Hazumu (after spending some time in hospital) is aloud back to live with her family, after the family records have been changed her gender to female.

Fast forward after her father being rather disturbingly perverse in the suggestion he wants to take a bath with his new found daughter (and receiving a pummeling from his wife for doing so) its time for Hazumu to return to school! Her new girls uniform seems to give both Tomari and Asuta mild coronaries, though the fairly stone faced Ayuki remains unphased. Of course Hazumu and her friends have an obstacle to overcome to get to school, the press of course looking for a hot scoop on the aliens that transformed Hazumu, and Hazumu herself of course! Fortunately Tomari is the type of girl who kicks everyone in the face, leaps bull-headedly into everything and acts pretty much the opposite to Hazumu did even when she had a male body, and a big rush through the reporters (dragging Hazumu behind her) saves the day!

Poor Tomari though, once at school and around the new female Hazumu she has some serious issues dealing with things. It's kinda hard to pin down whether she was just phased by "him" now acting as a "her" or she was phased by the fact she was still finding Hazumu attractive and didn't know what to do about it. Personally I think its a mix of both ;) . Anyway Tomari is a big source of comedy and angst this episode. *Angst* How do I cope with Hazumu as a girl? *Comedy* AIIIEEEE I'm bothered by the fact she might start liking guys, as I like her!!!! (perhaps ;) ). Anyway after lots of angsting around and constantly correcting Hazumu on how to behave Tomari decides to coach Hazumu. While Hazumu certainly seems to be pretty dense when it comes even to even the vague basics on how a girl should behave
(such as "dont ask guys to undress you"), seeing as until a few days/weeks ago she was living as a guy it can probably be overlooked as she is keen to learn to be feminine.

Anyway, after such training as putting a bra on, going lingerie shopping, serving tea (*rolls eyes for the last one*). We have moar Tomari angst, yay. She just runs off in a ball of rage to have a private sulk like all professional angsters do! However, it is during this angst attack that Tomari realizes Hazumu is still the same person she has always been, and still her friend, awww. We also have lots of flashbacks of Tomari constantly saving Hazumu from being upset throughout their lives, and Tomari realizes rather cheesily she must continue to do that! Rushing back to Hazumu just in time to save her from the press (like a knight in a red school uniform =p) , Tomari and Hazumu embrace in full view of the passing Yasuna who is obviously jealous, ah the love triangle begins!

After the hug in the street Hazumu skips happily home to demonstrate clearly that she now knows more or less how to behave as a girl. She also happens to find two aliens sitting in her bedroom too, one of whom glomps her...

To Be Continued!

It's worth nothing that this episode is very much a TomarixHazumu one with Yasuna barely saying anything or doing anything at all, but judging by the next episode preview that will change. Also its worth noting that Hazumu is about as intelligent as a breadcrumb for the majority of this episode presumably to get cheap laughs. I was hoping we'd avoid the "Zomg Im in the wrong restroom" experience but fortunately it was short lived. I dont think it was quite so necessary to make Hazumu so dense here, but hopefully the learning period is over and we can get down to the main bulk of the plot. Overall a decent episode, it made me "lol" a few times and Tomari gets the thumbs up from me for being a really good character and the most built up so far. Next episode however it looks to be Yasuna's turn!

Its nice to see the press realistically portrayed in an anime
Tomari 1 Yasuna 0
posted by Mangaminx On Wednesday, January 25, 2006  
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