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Kaleido Star: Part 1
Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Ah finally a blog post on my current favourite show (read "obsession"). This is the first in my Kaleido Star features, which will have part 2 posted fairly soon (with an overall score), and continue on with the second series "New Wings" individual DVD reviews. That's right, moar Kaleido Star for all! Hooray!

So here's the story! Sora is a young girl who leaves her family in Japan to join a "Cirque De Soliel" like circus in the USA! The anime pretty much follows the trials and tribulations in Sora's journey to become a Kaleido Star, in series one Sora must first get a job at the circus so she is starting right from the bottom. Of course this is rather your typical shoujo fare of "I must do my best!!!!11", but the fact is this is the second best anime I have ever seen as it executes things so well!

Anyway, here is the cast! Not all of them you understand, there's far too many to do that. But key characters anyway!

The Leads
Sora (Top) and Layla (Bottom)

Sora is our heroine, the girl who is striving to be the very best at jumping on trampolines, swinging on trapeeze and doing various other stunts some of which I'd venture to say are more than a little impossible in reality. But hey its anime,and she's the lead so we all know she wont fall to her death anyway!

Layla starts off the anime playing "ice-queen", she's cold, seemingly mean and not the best at keeping her temper. She may aswell be saying "Die Sora Die!" at times early on she's so cruel. I hated her! But as the story progresses Layla actually secured herself as my favourite, total turn around in her personality! Layla is the current main star of Kaleido Stage when Sora comes to it, and she is Sora's role model. They couldn't really be a more different pair.

Other Characters
Well, an anime needs more than two cast members I suppose, here are other characters key to Kaleido Star.

Cursed with the longing to be a comedian, when all her fans male and female alike want to see is her strike "idol poses", hold roses and play male roles in Kaleido's productions. Anna seems blissfully unaware at just how much adoration she receives from the rest of the girls in the productions, preferring to don a goofy moustache and tell a spectacularly unfunny joke.


Mia along with Anna, is one of Sora's best friends and she is probably the brains of the outfit. With Sora rushing blindly into dangerous stunts and Anna attempting to be funny, Mia is the one who designs routines for them to perform and even becomes a 1337 scriptwriter as the story progresses.

Ken fits the character type of "future boyfriend" more or less perfectly, while Sora remains completely oblivious through all of series 1 just how Ken feels about her, I assume the girl is going to realize it eventually. She can't be that naive ;). Ken is a manager at Kaleido Stage, and becomes Sora's trainer on many occasions to get her through the most difficult challenges.

Never trust a bishy, that's all I can say! Yuri is the second most important star next to Layla when Sora joins Kaleido Stage. However, nobody knows of a dark secret about his past he keeps hidden.

The owner of Kaleido Stage is certainly eccentric. He lets Sora into the circus purely by staring at her legs (creepy guy too =x), and has incredibly questionable fashion sense (his huge baggy T-shirts are truly scary). He also has a little beard. All this combined would probably put him on the "extremely scary guy" list, but the fact is despite his ways of showing it he is a good person, with a secret that haunts him.

Sarah is the singer of Kaleido Stage, graceful with a voice like an angel, Sora can't wait to meet her. She is a little taken aback of course when Sarah turns out to be a martial arts obsessed carefree ditz and seems to shed her actual personality while she is out on stage.

Fool is the mysterious spirit of the stage who appears only to Sora as she is destined to become a star. Fool's other hobbies include reading tarot cards and attempting to view the female cast in the shower. Usually resulting in what appears to everyone else as Sora assaulting the air.

So there you have it! The main cast, although there's plenty of other great minor characters. Coming up in part 2, the drama, the angst, the yuri... oh and my actual review of the series of course.
To Be Continued!...

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posted by Mangaminx On Tuesday, January 24, 2006  
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