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Kaleido Star: New Wings DVD #1
Saturday, January 28, 2006

DVD Title - Kaleido Star New Wings #1 : Eclipse Of The Star
Company - ADV Films
Age Rating - PG
Genre - Drama
Running Time - 125 mins
Episodes (Japanese Titles) -
27) The Star's Amazing Prologue (Part 1), 28) The Star's Amazing Prologue (Part 2), 29) A New Amazing Rival, 30) Another Amazing Rookie, 31) An Amazing Passionate Rivalry
Audio Options - English/Japanese
Extras - Poster, Production Sketches, Clean Opening/Close and a rather bizarre extra following Rosetta's English VA around.
DVD Region - 1

DVD Contents

Episode 27/28 The Stars Amazing Prologue Part 1 & 2
Ah nothing like sitting down to watch the second season of an anime to find out that your going to have to spend 40 mins reliving the first series via flashback episodes *rolls eyes*. O.K I saw Series 1 all in one chunk, and this was obviously made for Japanese TV, but I'm going to rant about it anyway as recap episodes are the bane of humanity. Fool re-tells the adventures of Sora (and Layla) throughout season 1 complete with exactly the same animation that was used before. How zzzz.. I mean nice.

Episode 29 - A New Amazing Rival
Sora is now headlining at Kaleido Stage, but without Layla *sobs* (she better return later in the series even if its a cameo), and now Sora is starring opposite EvilBishy001, Leon.

- White hair?. Check. Pretty Boy?. Check. Self Obsessed? Check. Yes we have a winner everyone! Leon fits the bill for evil bishy but whether or not he's actually evil rather than just a self absorbed imbecile remains to be seen. The mirror opposite to Sora anyway, he states "The audience come to see me", and thinks he is the centre of the world. He also sees the audience as just people to praise him rather than someone to entertain *shock, horror*
- Sora is obviously stronger as she angsts herself out at Leon and argues with him which she would have never done before, to the extent he refuses to perform with her for a while.
- Zomg, Sora has to do a whole performance for herself and Leon alone? How will she cope? What will she do! Ah the usual nail biting Kaleido Star drama unfolds here in wonderful fashion. However, this time someone interferes in Sora's performance! Another new character, May leaps into the performance catching Sora unaware and having a stuck up heir. She tells Sora on stage that she will be the next Kaleido Star not Sora, and the two of them engage in almost a duel of performance! Can you say new rival? I think so!

Episode 30 - Another Amazing Rookie
Rosetta returns to be a Kaleido Star, unfortunately while on the run from her mother who doesn't want her to be.

- I always liked Rosetta in her brief appearances in Season 1, and now she has returned! Hooray! Fear her Diablo skillsz (Fool gets maimed by a Diablo this episode so I do mean literally)
- Rosetta shows her skills in apartment trashing to Sora by breaking pretty much all her plates, sometimes shredding her curtains and generally being the worst roommate in the world ever.
- Meanwhile Leon keeps cutting Sora's performance time so he has more, he is the star of the show after all =x. Leon is the type of character that needs to be tortured for extended periods, by this point in this series I couldn't stand the guy. Its been what, two episodes? :p
- May spends her time roaring her rivalry's somewhat stupidly at Sora this episode.
- Moving back to Rosetta, her mother/agent tracks her down! We have drama as Rosetta tries to escape her on the trapeeze! Of course Sora is on hand to attempt a rescue but what will the outcome be?

Episode 31- An Amazing Passionate Rivalry
Like Moar rivalry... etc..

- Leon challenges May and Sora to perfect a stunt to co-star with him in Mia's new show "Dracula", the stunt is a screw spin that Mia has designed, whoever pulls it off best wins of course!
- May hogs the training swing, which means Sora has to practice in the rain seeing as she seems to have reverted to have zero assertiveness. Sora unfortunately practices in the rain, gets poorly and messes up the stunt for Leon tut tut.
- May pulls off the stunt, but Leon still tells her she sucks anyway, then gives a self important rant about how Layla sucked as a performer designed to annoy Sora.
- Sora GOES WILD!!! Seriously, never seen Sora get so angry so annoyed or so serious at any time than when Layla is insulted. She has to be physically held back, shame as Leon needed an ass kicking. Good to see Layla hasn't forgotten how much she "likes" *ahem* Layla too!

Season 2 of Kaleido Star begins with a mixed bag. I don't like May (but I assume she shall end up Layla MK2 and change personality), I don't like Leon.. and due to this I don't like the series quite so much. Sora is of course as 1337 as ever and seeing her perform is great, I just hope it can capture the fantastic vibe of Series 1 a bit more and never ever have more recaps, ever.

Contents 7
Animation 8
Audio 8 (Tattoo Kiss FTW)
Extras 6
Packaging 4
posted by Mangaminx On Saturday, January 28, 2006  
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