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Kagihime 1
Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Kagihime | Episode 1 | Rabbit Hole

Ah the first show of the new season. There's bunny girls, and giant keys and some random babbling about collecting all the parts to a book called "Eternal Alice". Now despite watching this, I still have NO clue what is going on for the most part. But hey, here's my opinions on it anyway!

One day Aruto is sitting in his room (or study or whatever it is), and he see's a bunny girl running across the rooftops outside. Of course being an "Alice Fan" (wtf?), he thinks it's "Alice" (yes it makes no sense to me either), and rushes off after her. Running through the streets of the city he follows her into a library just in time to see her battle another character magical girl style! The bunny girl (who we find out later is named Arisu), sticks a key in the other girls chest and "steals her story" by making lots of pages fly out of her and taking what she needs. It seems that Arisu while a normal girl in the real world, like many others is an "Alice User" and is attempting to collect all the stories from other "Alice Users" by battling them in a place called "Merbuyu Space". This is in order to be the one to complete the book "Eternal Alice", I think =/ . Aruto isn't an "Alice User" but somehow he ends up in "Merbuyu Space" anyway.

So, all very confusing and total bizarre so far, pretty much everything I just explained is explained by Arisu to Aruto at school the next day (supposedly they had never noticed each other at school before *boggle*) and is accompanied by lots of irritating blushing and staring into each others eyes, it was rather difficult for me to maintain self control and not spew over the screen. Soooo, moving on to the other characters, we meet Kiraha who is Aruto's rather scary little sister. Like all the female characters in this anime she seems blessed with a voice that is so high that you'd have to be a dog to hear it properly. She puts this voice mostly to effect by whining "Onii-chan" at Aruto every 5 mins, and conversing with another girl named Kisa who seems to have a crush on Kiraha (Kisa also seems to have an animal stuck in her hair, but nobodies evidently told her).

The long and the short of things here results in Kiraha (jealous of her brother spending time with Arisu over her) turning out to be an Alice User and fighting her. However there is no winner, as Aruto interferes and they result in a draw and instead agree to team up against other Alice users to complete the book together! Ah that's the plot for the rest of the series set up! Right at the end of the episode we are also introduced to the apparent baddies, including a white haired bishy who seems to be the leader (it's always the white-haired bishys who are evil, you can set your watch by them).

So! What do I think of Kagahime? Well... it wasn't good that's for sure. Lot's of squeaky voiced and rather irritating female characters in stupid outfits, partaking in henshin where their breasts grow in scary ways and a irritating guy running around and stating the obvious at everything he sees. Also there is fairly bad animation and battles and a plot that doesn't make much sense at all! However, the show has possible potential to not be totally crap, so next episode shall be given a shot. Looking at the official site a lot of the various enemies the trio face have some better dress sense than the existing characters at least, and there is the potential for some decent battles. Seeing as the next episode preview was Kisa lamenting over her love for Kiraha I suppose I have to give the yuri element of this show a shot too. To be fair this was fairly amusing to watch at times too, for just how cheesy it was. So stay tuned to this very blog for episode 2!

posted by Mangaminx On Tuesday, January 10, 2006  
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