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Kagihime 02
Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Second hand kisses have never been so disturbing
Key rape ahoy!Kagihime | Episode 02 | Tears

While I have no intention of following this series past this episode, after finally subjecting myself to it (I know I'm behind with my key rape here) I thought it was worth a sarcastic blog post if little else.

So, where we left off Kiraha and Aruto and Arisu are teaming together to take stories from other Alice Users. They do this (well Kiraha and Arisu do) by shoving keys in the chest of the their opponents causing them to blush and moan and make stupid noises, how nice. Various fetishes are really the name of the game when it comes to this anime.

Moving on to the plot of episode 2, we meet Kiraha's friend Kisa. Kisa is in love with Kiraha. However she is in love in a scary obsessive way. This episode we see her master plan is to give Kiraha second hand kisses via some cookies she has made for her and drooled on. How romantic no? We are treated (or should that be subjected?) to Kisa practically reaching orgasm at her friend taking a bite out of the cookies (which are shaped like her friends face, surely that is a warning signal for Kiraha that her friend is a little obsessed?). However this "victory" for Kisa is short lived as Kiraha only really has eyes for her brother Aruto who she likes to address in an incredibly whining voice. Aruto however seems to have eyes for Arisu so fortunately while Kiraha's obsession is creepy there's (hopefully) not ever going to be any incest here. But still the fetish is covered anyway.

As for battles this episode, after Kiraha key rapes a girl in a badly made witches outfit, we see Aruto return a piece of the story to the victim. Presumably this is to show that they are definitely the good guys as instead of stealing the story and running, they take what they need then replace it. How kind of them. The main battle this episode however takes place when Kisa (after getting "Alice Powers" from some creepy voiced invisible person) battles Arisu as she feels Arisu is upsetting Kiraha. The truth is of course Kiraha is jealous of Arisu for getting close to her brother *gasp*. After a brief fight it is Kisa that is about to be on the receiving end of a key, but Kiraha interferes and stops Arisu completing the deed. After a bit of angst and Kisa crying in Kiraha's arms they all decide to continue getting stories together. Hooray!

That's about it for episode 2, its bizarre, its pretty disturbing and it isn't really any good! However it is mildly amusing to laugh at just how bad it is, particularly Kisa (who does more obsessive things that I already mentioned, including going through Kiraha's underwear when she isn't around). Whether or not I blog another episode of this travesty more or less revolves around my mental state deteriorating significantly, or my taking up masochism. Unless those things occur, there isn't much chance.

Like key rape, obsessive yuri, incest and henshin with inflatable breasts? Then you still probably won't enjoy this series!

Sorry Kisa, I only have eyes for Onee-chan
Until next episode where Kisa will letch even more...
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posted by Mangaminx On Tuesday, January 31, 2006  
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