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Jigoku Shoujo 8
Saturday, January 07, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo | Episode 9 | Silent Relatives

Hell Girl developing a plot and recurring human characters? What is the world coming too! Find out this episode! (Oh and there's some revenge and stuff too).

First the revenge! Chie Tanuma takes revenge this episode, and all because of some man trouble! True this man has pushed someone dear to her from a balcony and put her in a coma.. , but anyway! Chie decides to take revenge on this man summoning the services of Enma and Co, it turns out it was found out by her friend the man was stealing money from the fast food place they worked at. She confronted him about it to give a chance to return it, as she loved him.., and well its quite apparent that the answer was no! How nice of the Hell Girl team to provide a battered half-dead version of the girl he pushes to drag him to Hell no?

Moving on to the recurring characters, while all this is going on we meet Hajime (who seems to not be the nicest of people) and his daughter Tsugumi. Tsugumi keeps seeing through Enma's eyes, seeing Enma and saying things shed say. Almost like she is becoming her. Its totally bizarre and while Hajime is aware of this rumoured website for some reason he himself can never access it. As to why Tsugumi is like she is, it is hard to say at this time, but it would be seriously scary to wake up with Enma googly alien eyes, don't you think? Later Hajime witnesses Enma's friend taking revenge on the guy who is the subject for this episode, *gasp* Hell Girl is real? Hajime is on the case to find out more! What will he discover? What will happen to Tsugumi? All these questions and more probably not answered next episode, which seems to be set in a bakery! Hooray!

A good episode with great potential overall, we just have to wait and see what happens as the plot (for the first time) thickens.

posted by Mangaminx On Saturday, January 07, 2006  
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