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Jigoku Shoujo 7
Monday, January 02, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo | Episode 7 | Shattered Mask

Ayaka was adopted from the orphanage by a rich actress wanting to pass on her talent to another generation, and hoping Ayaka would be the one. However, Ayaka isn't a nice person. In fact she is an unpleasant schemer with one thing on her mind her stepmothers money and fame and fortune. She intends to use her acting skills to become a famous, and as a stepping stone to greater things. However she had not bargained on her mother being so hard on her during acting classes, she wanted an easy ride.. so she decides to take revenge on her in a fit of fury. However upon summoning Enma and being put off by knowing she would go to hell too, she hordes the doll with its ribbon in her locker while she orchestrates other means. With the help of two thugs she knew from the orphanage she has them attack her mother, then her leap to her aid. However her mother sees through the act, and then casts another girl opposite her in the upcoming play she is planning.

Ayaka pretty much loses control after this point, pouring out so much anger and angst and showing what an evil character she is. She has her thug friends kidnap the girl playing her part and force her to drink something which damages her voice. Upon hearing this has happened her mother declares she is going to disown her... , so Ayaka rushes to pull the string on the doll so her mother will die before the disownement process goes through and she will inherit her money.... . However the girl she set her thugs on also has heard of the Hell Girl....

This is certainly the best episode of Jigoku Shoujo so far, Ayaka manages to be a really interesting character and one that inspires true feelings of dislike as she attempts to manipulate her way through life. The fact she gets her comeuppance is almost a let down, as it would be nice to have a truly unpleasant character take revenge for once. One thing I didn't entirely get in this episode was why Enma and Co were following Ayaka everywhere, presumably they know she would be the one to have revenge take on her, and they wanted to know exactly how to torment her.


posted by Mangaminx On Monday, January 02, 2006  
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