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Jigoku Shoujo 09
Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo | Episode 09 | A Sweet Trap

Episode nine of Jigoku Shoujo covers the drama, backstabbing and angst of the world of...erm, well pastry chefs.

Yuka is the centre for this week’s tale of revenge and cream buns, she and her sister Hiromi have opened a pastry shop using Yuka’s money from her part time job (and bank loans), with Hiromi as the main cook. It’s always been the dream of the two to open a pastry shop and (*sniffs* it brings a tear to your eye) the dream of their deceased father. Unfortunately it doesn’t bring a tear to the eye of pervo Mr.Morisaki a famous chef who has been rejected by Hiromi after coming onto her, seeing how he appears to be at least thirty years older than her and a total asshole I’m not even sure how on earth he’s surprised that the evidently sensible Hiromi turned him down! Yuka, (not knowing what passes between Morisaki and her sister in the past), asks him (as a famous chef) to help give the store publicity on TV. She also lets him sample some of Hiromi’s 1337 cakes that have customers head over heels for her mad cooking skills. He agrees! But just before they go on T.V (on the segment before their promotion) he introduces one of their cakes as his own! Morisaki knows that the girls will do the same cake right after him as it’s their speciality, but he also knows they will look like idiots and the broadcast will be pulled. Shock! Horror! Drama! Now nobody will come to the girls shop!

To be fair, I don’t really see the big deal of this here, was the entire population of whatever city/town the episode is taking place watching this TV broadcast? If I myself had been watching it I’d probably not even have noticed “It’s a cake so what?” However the people of
Japan are a fickle bunch it seems as nobody goes to their shop, and the girls are forced to close it down as it’s repossessed. All the while Morisaki making money off Hiromi’s dessert! Yuka of course blows her top, especially when she confronts Morisaki about his accusations and she discovers about what passed between her and her sister. Enma and her happy Hell friends are soon dispatched and Morisaki doesn’t have much a chance once they are on his trail. Revenge as they say, is sweet!

Also while all this stuff is going on, we have our recurring characters poking around in the background. “Man with rather dodgy looking job” (as I like to call him), poking around and trying to uncover stuff about Enma in the background His daughter (who seems psychically linked to her) also is key again, realising Mr.Morisaki was a target even before he’d been shoved in a giant cake by the usual Hell dwelling suspects.

Overall, this is actually a pretty weak episode; the whole thing is entirely blown out of proportion to the point of being unbelievable “zomg, cake copyright has been broken!” It is interesting to see the recurring human characters fit into things and there is hopefully quite a good main plot brewing here, but for a good episode in its current episodic guise Jigoku Shoujo needs better stories than this one!

posted by Mangaminx On Tuesday, January 17, 2006  
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