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Glass Mask 8
Monday, January 09, 2006

Glass Mask | Episode 8 | Running Against The Wind

When we last left Maya and her friends, their play of Little Women had been cruelly slated by the critics as the evil (although secretly a fan of Maya we must remember) Hayami Masumi had paid them off. Because of this, horror of horrors the theatre is under threat! People are leaving it due to rumours and Tsukikage suffers from heart attack and THEN has pressure put on her by "sinister men in black suits" to recover the theatre to pay back a loan, or lose the theatre. To get the theatre running smoothly again they are to compete and get first, second or third place in a national acting competition to get the title "Best Troupe In Japan". Maya will be playing the lead in the play "Growing Up", but little do they know their rival troupe will be doing the same play. Maya will be competing directly once again with her nemesis and Sakurakoji too!

Of course this is all set up for much more drama and angst in episode nine, this episode was actually suprisingly lacking in it which was a bit of a let down. After all this show is all about the drama in more ways than one! However, while I feel this is perhaps the weakest episode in the anime so far, it does set things nicely up for Maya's next role. Will she succeed? What will happen to the Tsukikage theatre? We doubtless will have the answer soon, and hopefully it will be Maya's most enjoyable performance yet.

posted by Mangaminx On Monday, January 09, 2006  
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