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Ayakashi 1
Thursday, January 19, 2006

~Ayakashi~ Traditional Japanese Horror | Episode 01 | Prolouge

After watching the first episode of Ayakashi, and subsequent amounts of translation notes so that I had a vague idea what was going on (the series is full of words from the period it is set in) I came to the conclusion, that it wasn't overly complex as I first thought. Just boring.

Ayakashi is an historical horror story, in which an old man narrates a tale of a spirit and how she came to be. In the first episode of course we are immediately thrown back in time and the tale of the ghost (who isn't actually a ghost at this point in the story) begins! Ah I love a good ghost story, except of course when it's about as interesting as watching paint dry.

The story set in the old feudal sort of days of Japan (don't ask me what Japanese historical period it is, I haven't a clue), the days of samurai, and sword battles and stuff.. . The men are as hard as nails and complete bastards, and the women souley wear kimonos and stand in the background blushing at the men ineffectually. It really is a mans world, and they prove this by going around and hitting other men with big swords, in badly animated fight sequences.

Now one such moody guy, is the hilariously named "Iemon" (I'm not sure if this his title or name or what, its still a bad), who is a rogue samurai, who happens to have got the woman he loves pregnant before coming a rogue samurai. Unfortunately for him, her father doesn't take kindly to his new state of affairs and despite him saving his life, he refuses to let him see her again. The woman in question doesn't really have much to say on this matter, other than repeatedly doing the aforementioned blushing I listed above, oh and some fainting too. The fathers decision isn't a popular one with Iemon who murders him with one of the big swords (I also previously mentioned) then pretends that he didn't do it. Of course being the totally ineffectual (and obviously blind to his bad acting) woman she is, the woman forgives him and they go off together to raise a family.

Jump forward a year or so and Iemon doesn't love his wife anymore after she's given birth. He's bored and other women catch his eye. One of these women takes it upon herself to remove his wife by poisoning her... And this is where the first episode of Ayakashi ends, the poison about to be drunk! (At least, I assume its a poison, it certainly kills the goldfish she feeds it too).

While this may not sound to bad in practice, it is. There's no angst, zero actual acting on the part of any cast member, awful unlikeable characters (all of them) and an unintentionally hilarious rap opening sequence. It's certainly the most dull show I have seen in months, but for fans who like watching paint dry then I suppose it could be a good way to spend 20 mins.

posted by Mangaminx On Thursday, January 19, 2006  
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