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Sunday, January 01, 2006
Yay! It's 2006, another year that will probably be fairly the same as the previous one. After 6 months writing this blog and getting quite hooked on doing so, I certainly feel that I should do a "Best of the things I read/watched etc.. in 2005 in the world of anime fandom". So here is my ever wonderful top 10! Note that these are things I watched/read in 2005 not things that are released in 2005 (although they might have been).

10) Pieta - Pieta gets a special entry into my top 10, purely for being a yuri manga that has an ending where someone doesn't die/get maimed/get heartbroken. It's just nice to see a simply portrayed and happy romance work out so well! So Pieta gets this number 10 spot purely for having an ending that made me happy to read.

9) Kannaduki No Miko - I haven't watched all the anime, and I wouldn't touch the actual manga with a ten foot barge pole, but I do like KnM. It isn't original, it has hilariously camp mecha, it has a love triangle and certainly has content that isn't necessary. But the fact of the matter is the angst and drama are so high, and the cheesiness factor so great I couldn't help but adore its OTT nature. Kannaduki gets the number 9 spot!

8) Burst Angel - Burst Angel is the living breathing example of how to be as shallow as a fleas swimming pool, yet still manage to be hilariously entertaining. Jo managed to enthrall the fangirl in me from the get go with her "brooding heroine, who happens to be really good at killing people" motif. Some episodes are bad, others are good and some so explosively entertaining that you have to be careful your eyes don't melt while watching. There is the added bonus of slight yuri subtext between Jo and Meg of course too! It's also managed to instill Akeno Watanabe in my "favourite seiyuu" list partly down to her hilarious performance in the audio dramas. Burst Angel gets position 8 for just being so mindlessly great.

7) Lament Of The Lamb - The ending was bad, but I didn't really care, this manga (and anime), has vampires, incest, emotional trauma and some pretty disturbing content. But it's all the better for it. Kazuna and Chizuna both make enthralling characters as they battle with their thirst for blood and the ultimately tragic consequences you know will come of their battle.

6) Glass Mask (2005) - Admittedly my inability to understand Japanese on a necessary scale means I haven't seen much of this stunning title. But what I have seen has been simply breathtaking. Maya makes such an endearing lead, that you really want her to succeed in her quest to become an actress. High drama, high angst and a very faithful translation of the melodramatic 1970's poses from the manga. Make this a perfect adaptation.

5) Gokujou Seitokai - I really enjoyed Azumanga Daioh, I mean really, really (I still need to get my hands on Doki Doki *sobs*) , but Gokujou Seitokai manages to make itself even more entertaining than that. The inclusion of a mouthy living glove puppet in itself ups the comic level, mixed in with a genuinely likeable cast and adding the word "paya-paya" to the anime vocabulary and you have a recepie for my now favourite high-school comedy. Gokujou Seitokai comes in at position 5!

4) Mai Otome - I have never actually seen Mai Hime *gasp*, (something I intend to rectify this year), so Mai Otome was the first taste of the franchise. I have to say despite it being ultimately very shallow and having fairly tried and tested character personalities, its great. Really great. Otome manages to ensnare me with having a fair few characters that grab my fangirl side and won't let it go (will I ever get enough of Shizuru or Chie?) . It also has wonderfully animated and thrilling fight scenes, a smidgen of angst and drama (mainly coming from miss.emo herself, Nina), and a plot that while predictable is just so enjoyable you can easily forgive it. All mixed in with ridiculously huge amounts of yuri-subtext to make this get the number 4 spot!

3) Madlax - I really loved Noir, really really loved. But somehow Madlax is far far better in my eyes. The cast have more life to them, the plot is more interesting, Madlax herself is a more fun to watch blasting ambiguous enemies than Mirielle and Kirika ever were, and it has my favourite anime soundtrack of all time! Of course I still have six episodes left to see, so I hope it wraps up in a way I deem good enough to hold onto this position!

2) Kaleido Star - Having only got this for Christmas, its a bit of a latecomer to the chart. But I love it, pure shoujo at its best. I was a little dubious that GONZO wouldn't be able to produce decent shoujo at first but this is frankly stunning. Sora is such a likeable lead and you really want her to do well on her rise to become Kaleido Stage's number one star, backed up with a support cast all of whom I find likeable (yes *shock*, even the bishys) things here look all set for the second series to keep me just as hooked in 2006. It's almost enough to make you want to run away and join the circus... apart from the fact circuses have clown, and clowns I find extremely disturbing :p.

1) Maria-Sama Ga Miteru - It was probably fairly obvious to those who read my blog or know me well that this was going to rank in at number 1. Maria-Sama Ga Miteru has so much to offer. It's the perfect example of how to do an anime based around close female/female friendships/relationships well and incredibly tastefully and also manage to carry an anime entirely on how great the cast is. When it comes down to it nothing much happens in Maria-Sama and the cast get all upset sometimes over the littlest thing, but this extreme drama is so wonderful, the enchanting atmosphere is so wonderful and the cast themselves (especially Sei, as I HAD to mention her) are so wonderful, that there really is nothing I can find fault with in this series.

So there you have it! My top 10 of the year!

posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, January 01, 2006  
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