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Tenjho Tenge DVD #4
Thursday, December 15, 2005

DVD Information

DVD Title: Tenjho Tenge Round 4
Company: Geneon
Age Rating: 16+
Genre: Fighting, Supernatural
Running Time: 75mins
Episodes: 11) One With An Unusual Talent 12) Darkness 13) Magical Powers
Audio Options: English/Japanese
Extras: Geneon Previews

DVD Contents

Episode 11: One With An Unusual Talent
Bunshichi has discovered who is behind the attacks on KATANA members, but keeps it under his hat knowing the repercussions if anyone lays a finger on Maya for her actions. Meanwhile Mana turns her affections to Mitsuomi, and decides to reveal a side of Shin that few have seen before to him.

- Maya and Mitsuomi battle half jokingly, the mirror opposite to how they are in the present day with each other.
- Shock! Horror! Mana is not Shin's "real" girlfreind, but rather a member of a clan entrusted by the Takanayagi's (Mitsuomi's family) to moniter Shin and his unusual powers.
- Shin is revealed to be under constant surveillance by a team hired by the Takanayagi's to moniter his actions, seemingly apparently for his own safety. Isuza turns out to be the head of this operation, filming Shin as he goes around.
- Shin's dark side is revealed to Bunshichi and Mitsuomi, who are suitbally traumatised when they see it via a video provided by Mana and Isuza. Shin's eyes glow and he acts like a total maniac, occasionally half killing people who have come near Maya. His obsession with her is evident on the tape.
- Cue spooky flashback. Shin murdered his own parents with a magical katana that called out to him. Maya found the bodies and was obviously more than a little traumatised. Shin despite being a lot younger here is obviously a totally insane individual, it seems his and Maya's obsession with one-another begins from this key point.

Episode 12: Darkness
The KATANA members discover that Maya is the one attacking them, unfortunately Shin does too. Hearing his teamates discuss harming his younger sister, and with the katana he slew his parents with in his hands, Shin takes apart his own freinds. Meanwhile Maya comes clean to Mitsuomi that she was behind the earliar attacks, and that she did it to destroy everything her brother had, hoping it would restore him to a state of vague sanity. Meanwhile, shocked by the violence Bunshichi tracks down Shin for revenge...

- Shin is increasingly portrayed as a complete nutcase here, off the rails lost in his obsession with his sister. A very sinister and out of control individual.
- Isuza finds herself in hot water when she is spotted by Bunshichi while filming him, even the assasination expert has her work cut out against a guy who stops cars with his bare hands.
- Bunshichi's ultra violent powered up form (which we see for the first time) , is the mirror opposite of his rarely serious normal personality, his eyes glow red similiar to Shin's in combat.

Episode 13: Magical Powers
Everything comes to a head here as Bunshichi gatecrashes a meeting between the head of the Takanayagi clan and Shin using Isuza as a hostage.

- The most psychotic battle in the series so far unfolds as the utterly demonic Shin begins to take apart Bunshichi with the katana.
- The true power of the Takanayagi clan is made apparent by the massive enterage and guards that surround their leader and the meeting.
- Maya perhaps sensing her brother is out of control, rushes to find him before it's too late.

This volume is more like a drama series than a fighting series, lots of angst, out of control emotions and dark revelations as the plot continues in its train crash fashion we know will result in Shin's death at the hands of Mitsuomi. It's very compelling to see how things all fit together in the story, and while actions fans will probably overall be let down by this volume, the anime at least for me has become superior too the earliar volumes the more we explore the past. The voice acting for the Japanese track is growing on me here, possibly with the lack of the incredibly irritating Aya and Nagi in the cast in these "past" episodes. The animation overall seemed to improve from the last volume too.

Contents: 7.5
Animation: 7
Audio: 7
Extras: 1
Packaging: 7
posted by Mangaminx On Thursday, December 15, 2005  
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