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Silent Mobius
Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Picture the scene.. , a Tokyo of the future, flying cars, impressive technology, and of course your obligatory baddies! In this case the threat to Tokyo is a race of demons called the "Lucifer Hawk". And what do you do when there's supernatural beings/rampaging robots/crime waves/terrorism rampaging around a city? Come on now kids, what has anime taught us? You found a all female police squad/vigilante team/special unit don't you? Yes that's right! And its what exactly what Miss Rally Chayenne (not quite the most ridiculous name in the anime) does to combat the alien menace.

So Rally (and her green haired assistant Mana), assemble a team of highly skilled women into a unit named "AMP" to battle the "Lucifer Hawk", the exsistance of which at the beginning of the anime is unknown to the public. The team consists of a variety of characters all filling the obligitory contrasting personalities that you can find in many anime. We have our heroine, Katsumi Liquer who banishes demons with a magical dagger, obviously a handy ability to have. Of course she does have to do a ridiculously long chant in order to imprison them but the enemies have a habit of letting her do so. Next up is Kiddy Phenil (see the stupid name continuations?), red headed fiery cyborg who likes to throw her hapless boyfriend around. Nami Yamigumo is a priestess who can force demons back with her charms, and fills the slot of "quiet and cleanliness obsessed" character nicely.

Moving onto the final three cast member in the team, we have the rather girly, and usually giggly psychic girl Yuki. We have Visionaire (a type of human with elite computer abilities) in squad commander Lebia Maverick and the final cast member is the rather feisty and aggressive Chinese warrior Lum-Cheng, who doesn't join the team till later on. The girls battle various threats and have their own episodes dealing with their pasts, their romances, and struggles they must face. Its pretty basic stuff, but still fairly entertaining and the characters are a genuinely likeable bunch.

The Lucifer Hawk themselves aren't the most convincing of enemies, divided into three categories to determine threat level they vary from floating eyeballs to towering monstrous behemoths. They don't really have much personality till the "half-breed" (Half human, half Lucifer Hawk) cast make their debut as the real villains later in the story, but its fairly entertaining to watch AMP smack them about sometimes rather comically when it comes to the weaker ones.

Plot wise, as you've seen from above the basic framework isn't that original with a well used general idea. However things do get gradually more interesting as our heroine Katsumi who's father Gigelf (cruel parents), brought the Lucifer Hawk into the world battling her inner demons (quite literally) as the reason the Lucifer Hawk are on earth and their agenda is slowly revealed. Except unfortunately due to a rather dire last episode, I was never entirely sure what that was, certainly the biggest flaw in what overall is a fun and solid series. It follows almost the same track as "Kiddy Grade" in that it builds up a great plot, lots of tension then seemingly forgets it "Whoops, looks like we lost the storyboard to episode 25 guys. I know lets just rewrite it so nothing bad actually happens!". The series also has the annoying tendency of having a hugely dramatic and tragic scene then playing "Zomg, I was just dreaming/hallucinating, I really shouldn't have tried that herbal coffee".

So an all female squad here, which of course brings about the possibility of yuri subtext, yay! Is there any? Well..., kinda as long as your the type of person who looks for it in everything you watch anyway (i.e. Me). While the majority of the cast have a romantic attachment to a guy at some point you can certainly read in a few things here and there. Yuki is the main culprit here, constantly proclaiming her adoration of Katsumi and going out of her way to help her, as well as seemingly letting every female friend who visits her sleep in the same bed as her at night. Theres various subtext on occasion between other cast members, most noticeably in Rally and Mana who seem attached at the hip for 95% of the anime, Mana rushing to protect Rally consistently in times of need. It's fun enough, but again only really visible if your looking for it!

Silent Mobius is a little hard to score overall, I like the plot but it dosen't really explain anything. I like the cast but they are so cliched. I like the rather dramatic musical score that plays like something from a gothic horror movie and would make the Phantom Of The Opera proud. I like the series as a whole, but there is a slight vibe of average-ness prevalant in some episodes taking it away from being really, really good. Mind you for £15 for 26 episodes, you really cant go wrong with demon busting Katsumi and Co!


posted by Mangaminx On Wednesday, December 21, 2005  
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