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Requiem From The Darkness
Wednesday, December 28, 2005
It is the Edo period of Japanese history, and Momosuke is a struggling author who's dream it is to finish his book "The 100 Stories", a collection of 100 spine-chilling ghost stories. However Momosuke isn't really having much luck, he travels the land looking for stories to put in his book. One stormy night however, his world is changed forever when he stumbles into a trio named the "Mataichi Gang".The gang is led by Mataichi The Trickster, a midget who claims to be a priest, and is completed by a deathly pale woman named Ogin The Puppeteer and a giant named Nagamimi The Bird Caller. This otherwordly trio lend their talents to eliminate the dark corrupted souls of those who have sinned greatly. Mataichi concocts elaborate schemes to fool those who have sinned into confessing what they have done, using Ogin and Nagamimi bizarre shapeshifting and manipulative abilities to torment their target and lead them into their trap. The three of them at first shock Momosuke as the door to a whole new world of terror is opened to him, and he begins to tag along with them as they eliminate those who have sinned. Sometimes their opponents are human, sometimes they possess otherwordly abilities but things get darker and darker as towards the end of their adventures they face increasingly warped and supernaturally skilled enemies.

The world of Requiem From The Darkness is one of the most bizarre I have ever witnessed in an anime, particularly from an artistic standpoint. There's lots of shadows, simply drawn characters with no features (with the exclusion of key cast members), and bizarrely twisted scenery that really gives the series a unique feel. Almost everything looks grotesque and twisted and pretty much nothing is what it seems. Taking an episodic approach (with a greater story building up throughout to conclude in the final three episodes) the four leads explore this world in which some of the most warped things a human (or non-human) can do are portrayed. Murder, cannibalism, necrophilia are just some of the happy things that the stories of Requiem From The Darkness manage to cover. Fortunately things aren't that graphic leaving the most vile to be implied rather than portrayed. However brutal violence such as limb removal, decapitation and people being literally sliced in half is still portrayed all with gallons of blood splattering the nightmare world the cast inhabit.

With the only recurring characters throughout this series being the four leads (and a few of the more powerful villains) the cast manage to carry things well and develop as they go along despite the series episodic nature and short length. Momosuke starts off as bumbling, naive and rather panicky almost comic relief. And while this certainly doesn't all change by the end of the anime due to all the horrors her witnesses Momosuke's nerve is certainly boosted ten-fold as he gets more deeply involved in a world the other three keep warning him to avoid. Mataichi, Ogin and Nanamimi make an unlikely trio of likeable characters and to begin with their almost slight bemusement at the task they do can make them rather off-putting. They seem to get more human as the series goes along, going out of their way to save people they do not wish harmed, and Ogin in particular receives a lot of back-story to flesh her out and make her more likeable to the viewers. The fact that the three quite clearly like Momosuke by the end of the series is very evident in contrast to the initial way they react to him.

Requiem manages to maintain a truly twisted and unusual take on the horror genre from beginning to end, with a cast who could easily be the villains of the series to begin with increasingly appearing more "normal" in comparison to the horrors they face. The "plot" while simple and mainly made up of individual stories still manages to be thrilling with genuinely hard to guess twists and turns throughout. Watching the four leads work together as a team to is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the show, and its fun trying to piece together exactly what they have planned to ensnare their enemy. The conclusion too is a very good one, and had me on the edge of my seat. Overall as long as you can stomach the gore and unpleasant aspects of the storyline there is a lot here to enjoy, and is a stunning example of how to do horror well.

Falling short of total excellence due to some weaker episodes and being far too short, but still stunning.

posted by Mangaminx On Wednesday, December 28, 2005  
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