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Maya's Funeral Procession
Saturday, December 24, 2005
"Maya's Funeral Procession" is a short story published in "The Ichijou Yukari Masterpiece Collection: Volume 2". Written in the 1970's it is a story of forbidden love between two girls, but with a much darker and sinister element to its plot lurking in the background.

Reina comes from a rich family, and this summer they are going to their home in the country as usual. Both Reina's mother and father are rather distant with her, her father seemingly giving her the cold shoulder completely totally absorbed in work. Her mother is more interested in her cat Alexander than her own daughter and as a result Reina feels rather alone. She is also being pushed into a marriage with her fiance which she feels that she is not ready for.

In the woods around her home is where Reina meets a strange pale girl called Maya. Maya is certainly odd in her appearance with long black hair, and wearing a long sleeved outfit which despite the hot weather covers her arms. Maya and Reina begin to develop an air of closeness as they spend more and more time together, Reina confiding in Maya who she feels a strong bond with. While this is going on unusual events start to happen though, with members of Maya's fiance's family and even her own seemingly at risk as Alexander the cat is found dead and so is her fiances father. It is clear to the reader that something sinister is going on, and Maya's rather odd sister, and perhaps Maya herself (who are both weak and pale and seem to hide scars on their bodies) are behind the events.

Of course there is some dark secret lurking in the background of the story involving both Maya's and Reina's family (which I won't spoil for you ;). But their own bond which becomes quite passionate proves to be something that effects the unfolding events in the traditional angst ridden and dramatic way! Unfortunately events don't quite go the way I'd like them too towards the end of the story, so this otherwise stunning story loses marks as a result!

Artwork wise, the manga was a joy to read now. The whole style is so different to present day works, and even the "Big foreheaded" character designs of the late 80's. The characters are almost ghost like, and act in such melodramatic ways it's almost like they are actors in a play which is another factor I love.

8/10 (and an apology for the lack of images)

I'd imagine at the time of their creation both this and the other 1970's yuri manga I reviewed this week were incredibly shocking despite nothing in the realms of what would be deemed present day adult content. The characters kiss passionately and give off a really feeling of love, despite the obviously massive disapproval from those around them. The relationships themselves while tragic are portrayed in a positive light to the reader, despite being criticized by characters outside of the relationship in the stories.

Anyway, this will be my last blog before Christmas so here's a little "HAVE A GOOD CHRISTMAS!!!" to everyone reading this! Oh and Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ and possibly something else shall be joining my review list next anime season!

posted by Mangaminx On Saturday, December 24, 2005  
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