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Mai Otome - Episode 9
Sunday, December 04, 2005

Mai Otome - Episode 9 - Beach-Swimsuit+Disaster=?

Ah after two episodes of plot, it's evidently to much for the Otome creators to bare so here we have... more filler! ta-da! Oh and there's a bit of plot at the end too.

Plot Synopsis
The younger Otome are whisked away to Ealis (the home of Haruka and Yukino) to compete in a hiking and survival competition. Arika and Erstin are teamed together and they set off up into the mountains around the coast of Ealis. Unfortunately for them sabotage is at hand, and once Erstin is bitten by a snake things start to go downhill for them both.

Meanwhile back at the beach it's time for a huge amount of filler as the rest of the cast relax. Pretty much the entire Otome cast turn up at the beach (with the exception of Nao) along with Nagi, Sergey, Mashiro and Aoi. Once night falls Shizuru, Shiho, Chie, Akane as well as the teacher who's name I can never remember soar up into the hills to see what the competing younger Otome have made themselves for lunch out of the environment.

The next day Arika and Erstin are struggling onwards when Erstin suddenly passes out! And to make matters worse the bracelets that allow them to call for help have been sabotaged so Arika must look for help alone. Unfortunately for her, the rather sinister Midori and her cyborg entourage are approaching Ealis via the very same mountain route...

Cliffhanger ending time!

Other Episode Highlights/Key Points
(A lot of these this time)
- Sergey appears to be a double agent, spying on Nagi for someone else (possibly Mashiro's intelligence agency)
- Sergey IS Arika's benefactor.
- Who is it that sabotaged Arika and Erstin?
-Akane meets with Kazu, will she sacrifice being an Otome for her love for him. Chances are they will both die, horribly.
- The most ShizxNat subtext for a good while makes its debut here again with Shizuru getting a little over-eager while massaging Natsuki. "Wait Shizuru...That Place!"
- Shizuru tells a story about rescuing Natsuki when she herself was taking the hiking challenge.
- Tomoe's crush on Shizuru is incredibly evident when she and Nina (they are teamed together) are showing her what food they've made.
- Mashiro's giant toy fish is perhaps the funniest thing in the series so far.
- Chie (along with Irina and her teamate) gets totally wasted on what appears to be some kind of magic mushrooms that Irina thinks are food.
- Arika force feeding Shiho some revolting food she has prepared and as a result getting -10 points for her meal score.
- Shiho in general looks more clinically insane throughout this entire episode

Lots of silly and very entertaining bits throughout, mainly rather pointless but a lesson in how filler should be done. The ending adds a sinister turn of events to things as everythings set up for a plot/action episode next time!

Overall 7/10

posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, December 04, 2005  
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