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Mai Otome 11
Sunday, December 18, 2005

Mai Otome | Episode 11 | Happy Birthday!

After the thrilling battles of the previous episode it's time to sit back or in my case "sit through" what I found to be the dullest episode of the series so far by a long shot. Oh and yet another two new characters show up too in the guise of Takumi and Akira.

Episode Contents
Yay its Mashiro's birthday, and there's posters of her all round the kingdom fascist dictatorship style. Mashiro can be happy! Yay. It's also Nina's birthday, or at least the birthday Sergey gave to her and she receives an expensive chain for her locket from him. Nina is happy. Yay! It's also Arika's birthday (see a pattern developing here?), and her present from her "mysterious benefactor" aka Sergey, seems to be lots of soft toys and clothes, which she doesn't seem to like. But still, she's Arika so she can smile like an idiot anyway. Arika is happy. Yay!

Or at least they are happy until Nina gets jealous of Arika presumably as she guesses that Sergey is her benefactor and then her locket is stolen by a thief while Nina and Arika are on the way to welcome a prince at the train station. Cue long chase scene which results in Nina getting incredibly upset and confessing to Arika she "likes" Sergey (which we all new anyway) and getting perhaps the most emo she has so far in the whole series. Sergey fortunately finds the locket and returns it to his foster-daughter. Presumably because of this, nobody meets the prince at the station.

Meanwhile Mashiro finds she is going to be introduced to a prince for an arranged marriage, but she gives the hapless Aoi and "servant guy with beard", the slip and goes out on her own. During this process she is knocked unconscious by Mikoto falling out a dree onto her. Takumi suddenly turns up *new character intro* and drags her off the main path.

Meanwhile Aoi and "servant guy with beard" are at a dock awaiting the arrival of what appears to be "Prince Akira". It becomes fairly clear (to me at least at this point) that Takumi is the prince that Arika and Nina were meant to meet at the station, and Akira is the one Mashiro is meant to meet for the arranged marriage, so Mashiro is with the wrong one. Of course there's the small problem that Akira is a girl disguised as a guy, but we shall leave the obvious forecoming complications of that till next episode.

Other Episode Highlights/Key Points
- Natsuki and Shizuru brood about the obvious forthcoming troubles *angst*, but Shizuru reassures Natsuki she will always be at her side.
- Mashiro causes a small car crash in order to evade Aoi
-Nagi's evil plan involves the "true princess"
- That's about it really =x

This episode bar Nina's dramatic conversation with Arika was pretty zzzzz. I already dislike Takumi, as he gets in the way of an Arika and Mashiro crush! *hisses*. Akira could prove interesting and it looks like she's key to the next episode "Masquerade".


posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, December 18, 2005  
  • On Monday, 19 December, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You make some fair points, but I can't help but savour the more sedate episodes of the show. The action so far hasn't been the best the franchise can pull off, but I've enjoyed the episodes building characters and relationships greatly.

  • On Saturday, 24 December, 2005, Blogger Mangaminx said…

    I did feel there was some character development in the episode, particularly Nina of course. However, most of it felt like a bit of a waste of an episode to me. I thought that Arika and Nina in particular could have done something more intersting than chase a thief around.

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