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Mai Otome 10
Sunday, December 11, 2005

Mai Otome | Episode 10 | Otome Crisis

Episode Contents
Last episode Arika was knocked flying off a cliff by “evil whip cyborg”, what we didn’t see is Sergey was in a boat under the cliff below looking for her. Unfortunately for Sergey (also known as “Keeper Of The Stupid Surname”) the whip cyborg guy notices him too, and summons a giant fish robot slave thing that smashes the boat and leaves both Arika and Sergey for dead! Of course our heroine (and possibly our hero as much as I hate to say it), is alive still and Sergey drags her ashore to a place where they can recuperate. Sergey also seems to take this as an invitation to strip Arika and hold her close to him to warm her to get rid of her fever (fortunately with her wrapped in a blanket) while he constantly reassures himself he isn’t a pedo.

Meanwhile back at Ealis, Chie, Akane etc.. have rounded up the rest of the contestants and called the contest off. It’s also made clear that evil Tomoe is the cause of Arika and Erstin (who is now rescued) being sabotaged in the previous episode. I can’t help but think of Tomoe as Suigintou from Rozen Maiden, as Rie Tanaka plays both exactly the same when on “scary evil” form. Nina is getting all upset and angsty over her father being missing, resulting in Shizuru having to calm her. When another Nano signal is detected that is non-Otome related it becomes clear that some other forces are involved and it’s not long before the Otome are on the trail of Midori and her cyborg pals en-masse.

Speaking of Midori and Co, they have stolen something from an underground lab which apparently contains “earth-technology” from days gone by. As they are leaving things take a turn for the action packed!

Arika and Sergey who have both recovered are creeping through the forest when they see Midori and Co in the distance and hide. Unfortunately for them the sinister “John Smith” from the third faction involved here fires a gun in their direction which makes Midori and her cyborgs leap to kill them. Finally Arika and Sergey have a good turn of luck as Natsuki, Haruka, Shizuru, Nina and Yukino arrive in the nick of time to save the day! Cue big fight scene in which John Smith steals the item Midori took from the lab from her, the item is evidently vitally important.

The fight is fast and furious, Midori proving more than a match for the rather overly keen Haruka but having a much tougher time crossing swords with Shizuru. It becomes clear that Midori uses the same technology as the Otome to power her body, yet she herself is not one. In fact she asks Shizuru why she uses the technology to defend such a worthless planet; presumably she thinks it should be used for other means. After having her nano machines skilfully damaged by Shizuru, Midori is forced to retreat on the back of a “slave” she summoned to help her fight.

Other Episode Highlights/Key Points
- Scientist/Doctor Hybrid has a picture of Midori and her friends looking a lot younger and more human, they must be from her past.
- Scientist type person who works for Natsuki (can never remember her name) takes note of the sabotage that’s occurred against Erstin.
- Nina suspects something also
- After Arika is saved by Sergey they seem to become friendlier towards each other, and she calls him by his first name. When Nina hears this at the end of the episode her extreme jealousy is evident.
- Nagi is certainly up to something with John Smith, and he warns Sergey not to betray him. Nagi is on quite sinister form at the end of this episode.
- Going by Midori’s abilities it’s safe to say “slaves” are an of-shoot of Otome technology.
- I have to say that Chie is even cooler when she is serious
- Haruka’s “I told you not to call me Haruka-chan in public” to Yukino, perhaps hints at something between them. Yay.
- Haruka forgetting to “seal the pact” with Yukino and messing up her first attack.
- Shizuru mentions she fights for the sake of one person she cares for. Who could this be? Natsuki perhaps ;)!
- Just need to mention just how thrilling and well animated the ShizuruxMidori fight is again! They are both sooooo impressive in battle.

So many key story points, so much action, all of the cast having fair amounts of screentime! (except Nao). It’s the best most exciting episode in the series so far! What can I give it but..


posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, December 11, 2005  
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