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Madlax DVD #5
Friday, December 16, 2005

DVD Title: Madlax DVD 5 - Convergence
Company: ADV Films
Age Rating: 14+
Action, Supernatural
Running Time: 100 mins
Episodes: 17) Killing Moment 18) Two Seperated 19) Targeted Book 20) Searching For The Truth
Audio Options:

Clean Opening, Clean Close, Design Sketches, "nowhere" Music Video, "nowhere" Kareoke Version, Limelda Character Video Clip (AMV), Japanese TV Spots, Conversations With SSS (Dub Spoofs).

DVD Contents

Episode 17: Killing Moment
Madlax and Vanessa have been framed for murder by Enfant, and are now the most wanted people in the country and in the news worldwide. Margaret and Eleanor hearing of their plight decided to head to Ganzth-Sonika to find them, Carrossea keeping an eye on them whilst they do.

- Vanessa and Madlax flee from soldiers time and time again this episode, keeping up their same yuri-toned repor they have had for a while now.
-Vanessa is upset as she's killed someone but soon gets over it by Madlax telling her too, obviously not that deeply scarred by the issue.
- Limelda continues with her "omg Madlax I'll find you" *angst* act, even killing her own comrades so she herself has more of a chance of killing her. In yet another standoff Madlax talks her down and gives her the disc proving the civil war is set up by Enfant.
- Eleanor is consistently suspect of Carrossea's motives for accompanying her and Margaret to the country. Margaret dosen't notice anything, confirming my suspected thoughts that she has the IQ of a digestive biscuit.
- Cue slow motion "almost meeting" animation as Madlax and Vanessa just avoid Margaret and Eleanor travelling on opposite sides of the road.

Episode 18: Two Separated

Madlax realizing Enfant is after a specific book (Margarets book), decides to find it before they do, meeting Margaret in the process and Eleanor. Meanwhile Quanzita sits in a village rambling about destiny.

- Nahal (or however its written) actually does something other than stare at people out of trees and battles Madlax who she apparently deems not worthy of finding the book.

- Madlax decides to start working by the philosophy "I'm not going to die because I promised Vanessa I wouldn't", probably not a very sensible thing to hinge your life on.
- Margaret and Madlax despite obviously having met in the past have obviously forgotten presumably when their brains leaked out their ears 12 years ago.

- Vanessa spends the episode shooting at a can to teach herself to shoot, so obviously she will be a-ok in a fight assuming the person she's battling stands still for her.

-Limelda finds the "truth" on the disc, kills all her friends, threatens Carrossa and realizes that all that's important to her is Madlax. She wants to kill her, perhaps to prove to her they are equals in some bizarre way. Obsession FTW!

Episode 19: Targeted Book

Taking the ever sensible approach Madlax, Vanessa, Margaret and Eleanor (newly reunited) decide to take Margarets book to the village Madlax went to way back in disc two. Where Nahal and Quanzita live. Meanwhile Carrosea steals Firstari (forgive the spelling, Firstdari Secondari and Thirdari *boggle*. Nice and original) and heads for there too.

- Lots of Madlax jumping around in the jungle shooting people and being "cool" here, against the usual inept guards "as seen in Noir".

- Limelda continues to follow Madlax, unable to get her out her mind, aimlessly killing any of her former allied guards who gets in her way.

- Vanessa proves that shooting at a can for a day dosen't really help how useful you are in combat.
- Nahal and Quanzita welcome them all, including Madlax and reveal they need all three of the books to "open a portal to the truth". This would restore Margaret's memories (and presumably Carrossea's too) that were lost when Friday/Monday used the books 12 years ago and Margaret, Carrossea and Madlax were caught up in whatever he did with them. All makes perfect sense of course......riiiggghhhttt... .

Episode 20: Searching For The Truth

As the by now borderline insane Limelda hunts down Madlax, Margaret and the newly arrived Carrossea make plans to unite all three books to reveal the truth.

- Madlax is permitted to read Quanzitas book (the third one), to see if she can find the truth. She gets a flashback of her very young, shooting someone in front of a young Margaret. Margaret gets the same vision while looking at her book.

- Nahal saves Madlax from being shot by Limelda, and dosen't know why. Destiny is seemingly guiding her as Madlax is important for some reason.

- Limelda and Madlax showdown! Again! , This time Madlax tells Limelda they could have been "close" . Limelda reveals she wanted to not actually kill Madlax but instead "dance forever", continually battling and her admiring Madlax's skills. Hooray for yuri!
- Unfortunately Vanessa turning up causes Limelda to panic, shoot Madlax in the side and run, leaving her bleeding profusely at the end of the episode in Vanessa's arms.

Everything I love comes through in this show. There's action, great characters, yuri-subtext and a great plot. Six episodes to go now! How will the story unfold!!

Contents: 9

Animation: 8

Audio: 9

Extras: 8

Packaging 6
posted by Mangaminx On Friday, December 16, 2005  
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