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Last Exile 7
Friday, December 23, 2005
DVD Title: Last Exile #7 - Sealed Move
Company: ADV Films UK
Age Rating: PG
Genre: Fantasy
Running Time: 75mins
Episodes: 24) Sealed Move 25) Quiet Move 26) Resign
Audio Options: English/Japanese
Extras: Clean Opening 2, ADV UK Previews, Guild Ships

DVD Contents
Aaaaaah, where to begin? Im going to forgo my usual review format just to rant about how crap the end of Last Exile really is. O.K, while it may not be "that" bad in that its relatively entertaining, its bad in the sense that everything plot wise is seemingly mashed together aimlessly, characters are given some of the most badly conceived deaths I have witnessed and nothing is actually explained. But hey, its really really pretty to look at with its flash CG! Style over substance can work, but the fact is despite the rather mindless if pretty battles here don't at all.

So last disc Claus, Alv, and Dio escaped the guild HQ with Dio in a daze and an all out war against the guild and Delphine had begun. Delphine having Alex Rowe at her mercy and torturing him for fun. To be frank none of the above events really have any baring whatsoever as the next three episodes see Claus and Alv going miles away from the guild, flying back and saving the day! Yay! Of course there isn't really much of a clue as to how they save the day, Alv does her glowy eyes thing and Exile which is on a rampage goes all glowing and seems to lead to a rebirth of a new world..., or something... . Frankly I'm not going to consort various fansites to find out as it should really have been made clear what the hell happened!

All the combat that occurs this volume is ship to ship with some flashy but ultimately pointless dogfights going on, and the betentecled Exile seeming to help Delphine by trashing hundreds of the alliance forces. Dio plummets off the side of his ship in the grand stream after a fight with Claus, putting pay to him paying even a remotely interesting part at the end (and he was such a good character too). Delphine is throttled by Alex at the height of her mad laughter, its such a boring scene, and isn't even suitable revenge for Alex if you ask me. A proper fight was needed between the two and its a shame we don't get one. Alex is of course killed himself a split second later as Sophia not realizing Delphine is dead opens fire on her ship. Still, the survivors all play around to live happy families at the end and if you have an eye for shoujo-ai (yay a rhyme) there's TatiyanaXAlice like at the start, maybe.. .

Anyway, Last Exile 7 is a damp squib to the end of an epic series and I'm rather annoyed GONZO thought they could get away with giving such a great series a bad end. "Hmmm three episodes of Last Exile to go guys, what shall we do?" .... "Hey I know! Lets do explosions and stuff! and...and... EXPLOSIONS! , FORGET THE CAST!" .... "Yay, we can go home early once we are done!".

Contents 6
Animation 9
Audio 9
Extras 4
Packaging 4

Overall Series Score 8/10 (despite the bad end, the rest is good)

"The cast of Last Exile, are stunned into silence by just how bad the ending is"
posted by Mangaminx On Friday, December 23, 2005  
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