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Jigoku Shoujo - Episode 6
Monday, December 05, 2005

Jigoku Shoujo | Episode 6 | A Window In The Early Afternoon

The sixth episode of Jigoku Shoujo is certainly the darkest story in the series so far, and again is yet another improvement in the quality of episodes as it tells the most exciting story so far. My opinion of the series is certainly taking a turn for the positive as the storytelling seems to be getting better and better.

Plot Synopsis
Todoka-san is a prostitute in secret, sleeping with men while her daughter is at school and her husband is at work, nobody knows her secret and she has an impeccable reputation in the neighbourhood as her husband is head of a big company. Yasuda-san has recently moved into the neighbourhood with her husband and daughter Haruka. Walking home one day with her daughter, Yasuda-san spots Todoka with a client through a gap in the curtains of her house and Todoka-san takes it upon herself to make her neighbours life a living hell so she won’t tell anyone.

Todoka-san starts by sending her neighbour threats (in the form of red cherries *boggle*), making sure her daughter gives Haruka a hard time at school and that her husband gives Yasuda-san’s husband a hard time at work. Yasuda-san’s mental health begins to rapidly deteriorate due to the stress she is under and is finally subjected to Todoka-san letting a guy into her house. The guy appears to assault and/or rape her (I’m not entirely sure what that implication is) while Todoka takes pictures of the event leaving Haruka to find her injured mother on the floor of her home after arriving home from school. Rumours spread through the neighbourhood that Yasuda-san is a prostitute.

This is certainly an incredibly moving story, you really feel sorry for Yasuda-san and Haruka too. While other stories have dealt with multiple murders and the like, nothing seems to dark and unpleasant as this one. The build up towards what you know will be the revenge is well done, as Tadoka-san is the character that deserves it most so far in my eyes. The revenge is exacted by Haruka, mortified at what her family has been through she summons Enma and Co. Even Enma seems more disdainful of Tadoka-san than any other character, influencing Haruka’s final decision by revealing what happened to her mother in their home before Haruka found her. Tadoka-san’s latest client is of a rather supernatural inclination…

Gripping and stomach churning in equal amounts the plight of Yasuda-san and her family is good watch, especially when you know that revenge is coming to the vile Tadoka-san. The most satisfying revenge so far.


posted by Mangaminx On Monday, December 05, 2005  
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