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Jigoku Shoujo - Episode 5
Monday, December 05, 2005

Jigoku Shoujo - Episode 5 - The Girl In The Tall Tower

Another tale of revenge to sink your teeth into looms on the horizon. But this time round the denizens of Hell have a personal interest in one of those involved. In probably the best episode of the series so far we actually see, surely not? Yes! Character development among the leads.

Plot Synopsis
Kaifu Riho has a reputation of being an expert and skilled businesswoman. She has dragged her company to the very top of things and is doing very well for herself. Unfortunately the fact of the matter is a lot of the work is being done by one Tamura Misato a skilled computer expert, whose still in high school. Riho has blackmails Misato into working for her, as she was caught shoplifting in one of her shops. Riho tells everyone else that Misato is related to her as a cover up.

Riho is obsessed with the Jigoku Shoujo website, constantly inputting in names to try and meet with the "Hell Girl". There is no reason for this revenge so Enma and company ignore it to begin with, but the messages keep coming in with such rapidity they decide to take a look into the woman who is constantly annoying thems life. Here we see Enma's three "friends" going undercover in both Riho's work-place and gathering information on her outside of the workplace. It's pretty interesting to see the three act "normally" in an everyday sort of way knowing what they are capable of. We find out a little about how they think and their view of the human world throughout the course of the episode. Of course there is a lot of dirt to be found on Riho who in her past has murdered, and she is currently using Misato to steal money via hacking.

Back with the main plot, Misato is not quite what she seems. In fact it turns out she is the daughter of a person who was murdered by Riho in her battle to stay on top in business. Riho however realizes this before Misato can give the information she has about other murders (done with hitmen) to the police and Misato finds herself being chased through the office by a hitman late at night. In a desperate plea for revenge Misato enters Riho's name into the Jigoku Shoujo website before the hitman gets to her. Of course, after all constant messages from Miho to Hell the revenge is eagerly granted...

A well done episode, giving the supernatural cast members some much needed fleshing out. The story is a very clever one too with lots of twists and turns, Misato herself not proving to be the nicest of people at the end of the tale.


Next Episode!
Prostitution! Slander! And many other far darker things.

posted by Mangaminx On Monday, December 05, 2005  
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