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Jigoku Shoujo - Episode 4
Sunday, December 04, 2005

Jigoku Shoujo - Episode 4 - Inaudible Scream

A vet that dosent care for the animals he looks after! Thats only in it for the money? Shock! Horror! And D.I.Y surgery, all in the fourth thrilling installment of Hell Girl.

Plot Synopsis
Kanno Junko has certainly had it tough, her mother and father die when she is young and the only reminder she has of them is her dog Candy. We are treated to a rather vomit-inducing collage of Junko sharing sappy moments with her pet ("Oh Candy your my bestest friend", type things). Candy however is the next to die, on the vets table. The vet in question however says he has done his best, however his assistant Sekimoto knows deep down that the vet was on the phone ignoring the dying dog. He was talking about gold. Sekimoto deep down knows she must tell Junko about how the vet mistreats all his animals. Once Junko hears she contacts Hell Correspondance and after a series of events showing how cruel the vet is Junko exacts revenge.

Revenge this time is particularly ironic as Enma and Co seem to be really enjoying themselves in the pain they put the doctor through. After breaking his leg in a car accident, a bit of surgery is of course needed after letting him suffer in agony for a while. While the demonic trio never get to operate as Enma interrupts them with her "come to hell with me routine". It was the most satisfying revenge sequence of the series so far. Very appropriate. Of course all the little dogs and cats in hell are only to happy to welcome the vet as Enma ferries him in.

While things certainly ARE getting a bit repetitive now, the revenge sequence as always is satisfying viewing. Scores for the episodes are going to start slipping now mind, until something more interesting turns up.

"Let the operation begin!"

posted by Mangaminx On Sunday, December 04, 2005  
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